One of those Days

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By TINA COX, Contributing Writer

Some days things just don’t go your way.  That is also true in sports.  Sunday’s game against Auburn was one of those days for the CATS.
Tyler Herro look scared.  The Boy Wonder who would throw one up from the second level was hesitant, often opting to not take the shot.
Ashton Hagans was in a constant state of confusion.  You cannot win a game when your point guard has seven turnovers.  Auburn’s guard had there way with Kentucky’s guard from tipoff to the final buzzer.
It just wasn’t their night.  Youth and inexperience showed. 
Reid Travis, playing on an injured knee, battled in the paint.  The blood dripping down his leg and the tears stinging his eyes were his battle scars.
PJ Washington literally carried this team on his back,  grinding through the pain of an injured foot.  No boot, no cast just a huge heart and love for this team that lead him to score 28 points and grab 13 rebounds.
This was a season of extreme ups and downs.  Duke, Seton Hall and Alabama are games that hopefully fans will put in the back of their minds.  
North Carolina, Louisville, Kansas and Tennessee should be the memories fans recall when they think of this team. Besides, it is not every year your school gets College Game Day twice.
This team has been a pleasure to cover.  The style of play was fun to watch and the players were genuinely good people.
It’s time to kick back, grill some food, sit on the back porch and get ready for next year.  
We will be in the hunt again.  
FYI:  Indianapolis is hosting a Regional next year and the Final Four is in Atlanta.
Go ahead…book your rooms!
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