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Recruiting writer explains why players “love and respect” John Calipari

Tyrese Maxey with UK coach John Calipari

By LARRY VAUGHT recruiting writer Krysten Peek talks to the top high school players nationally every year. She says there is always one common them any time she talks to a top recruit or his parents about Kentucky.

“It’s coach Cal and what he gets done for players and the team, the whole university,” Peek said. “He is a legend for sure and now you see it even more with that lifetime contract. He’s a player’s coach and kids like that.”

She noted what McDonald’s All-American Scottie Lewis said about John Calipari even after he picked Florida over Kentucky.

“He said Cal was one of the realest guys he’s ever met, which is pretty high praise after he picked Florida,” Peek said. “He said even after he committed to Florida that Cal called and said, ‘Anything you need, let me know and I will be rooting for you.’

“That shows Cal’s character and how he does care. That’s why players love and respect him. You can’t fake that with kids.”

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