Share this:’s Krysten Peek says UK remains viable option for Jaden McDaniels’s Krysten Peek

By LARRY VAUGHT basketball recruiting writer Krysten Peek believes that Kentucky remains in solid position to land Jaden McDaniels, a 6-11 five-star player from Washington.

McDaniels has Washington, Kentucky, San Diego State (his brother plays there), UCLA and Texas as his final schools. He once called UK his dream school but at the recent McDonald’s All-American Game he would not elaborate on his recruitment.

Peek believes UK is in better position to get McDaniels than it is 6-9 Matthew Hurt of Minnesota. She still sees Kansas as Duke as the leaders for Hurt.

“I know Jaden really likes Kentucky and the fan atmosphere,” Peek said. “He likes the ESPN time slots for Kentucky (games) and not the slots in the Pac-12 where games start and half the country is in bed when the game starts.”

What kind of player is he?

“If Kentucky gets him, he is built like Kevin Durant. He has a quick shot release like Durant,” Peek said. “He needs to get stronger but he’s a great finisher. He would really fit well with what Kentucky already has in its recruiting class.”



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  1. Nate Sestina come on down. Just read that he has committed to UK. Hopefully, he can add some leadership and some toughness to rub off on Nick and EJ.

    1. Mike you know Calipari will turn him into a 5 point, 6 rebound guy like he did Travis.

  2. The buzz says McDaniels will end up at Washington.

  3. Everything that has been published about says Jaden is a quiet kid and doesn’t really want to stray too far from home. He is UW’s to lose and Cal misses again. Would love to have his talent but doesn’t appear his personality ready for bright lites in Rupp.

  4. Maybe he sees that Calipari’s offense is always built around 2 players…a star and a No.2 option…the rest of the team are reduced to being role players and are never given the chance to develop. Opposing coaches are seeing that and know they only have to stop 2 guys…Calipari will hold back the rest. That’s why we are watching the Final 4 at home and Auburn is playing. Pearl’s defense kept PJ in check, no wait…that was his horrendous foul shot that re-emerged from last year’s thumping from K State. They really checked Tyler, he never got comfortable in that game. What happened to the 20 point games that Reid had in PJ’s absence? Reid became the invisible man because every play was ran for PJ and Tyler. Reid should have gone to Gonzaga. He would have been used much more effectively like Wiltjer was. Calipari said he was a liability, Few let him play and he became a star. Kinda like Matthews did at Michigan. I won’t be surprised if the next example of wasted talent shows up in the person of Quadre Green at Washington. Talent is nothing if not given the opportunity to use it. Devin Booker was a 14 point scorer at UK, Look at what he has become given the freedom to play at Phoenix. Julius Randle never got the opportunity to be the player he was because Calipari was so in love with Andrew Harrison. Kids looking at college see this too and it could be the reason they are going elsewhere to play. Oh, Rah Rah Rah!

    1. Spoken like a true Duke fan. Where did you play? With all this harsh criticism of our team, you must be able to back it up with your own stories of greatness on the hardwood, right?

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