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UK signee Dontaie Allen’s rehab from knee, collarbone surgeries going well

Mr. Basketball Dontaie Allen with coach Keaton Belcher. (Larry Vaught Photo)


Kentucky signee Dontaie Allen of Pendleton County continues to rehab from knee surgery required after he tore his ACL in late December — he still was named Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball — and from a single car accident April 3 when he broke his collarbone and needed surgery.

“He had surgery two days after his accident and the doctors said then it would be a six-week rehab process,” said Keaton Belcher, Allen’s coach at Pendleton who took the job as head coach at Ryle High School in Union on March 31.

“He is still doing his ACL rehab three days a week in Lexington and then on his own time he works out in our gyms and fitness center.”

Allen was driving to Lexington for rehab on a rainy day when he “over corrected” on Russell Cave Rd. in Harrison County and hit a tree head on.

“He was very lucky it was not worse,” Belcher said. “All things considered, he’s been surprisingly fine. I have not personally seen him run or work out but from what I have been told he is really working hard. The ACL is still the longer rehab and time period for recovery than the collarbone.”

Allen said in mid-March at the Mr. Baksetball awards ceremony that he did not plan to redshirt at UK despite his knee injury. That was before he broke his collarbone.

“As far as I know, they (UK) are still expecting him to be in uniform next season,” Belcher said. “They have not talked about redshirting and Dontaie is expecting to play.”

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