What advice has Mark Stoops had for likely mid to late round draft picks?

Darius West (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen is going to be no worse than a top 10 pick in tonight’s NFL draft and could very well go in the top five.  Cornerback Lonnie Johnson could also go late in the first round or more likely in the second round Friday based on most NFL mock drafts.

But what about other Wildcats that could go in the middle of the draft — or later? What advice has Kentucky coach Mark Stoops had for them?

“It is very difficult. You could go all the way from the top to all the guys in between. It is tough on all of them because there is so much indecision,” Stoops, who will be in Nashville tonight, said. “They do not know where they are going to live, where they are going to get drafted.

“Obviously, it is a difficult time for them in that respect, they get antsy. It is hard in this day in age with so much information at their fingertips, to kind of worry about what everybody is saying about them with all the experts in the draft and all of those things.”

Stops continues to convey a familiar message to players like Benny Snell, Mike Edwards, Darius West, C.J. Conrad, Jordan Jones and others.

“Control the things they can control and that is how they train, what they are doing and they have really done a good job with that. It is a difficult time when you are thinking about some of the guys and whether they are drafted late or free agents or wherever they end up,” Stoops said.

“But just like recruiting you are going to see those guys that make late draft picks or free agents that are going to make teams in my opinion because they are very good players and trained to be successful.”

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