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Why has Texas Tech coach Chris Beard eaten so many Pop-Tarts this year?

Sometimes it is not the X and O information from the Final Four press conferences that produce the most memorable answers. I know today I enjoyed what Texas Tech coach Chris Beard had to say about giving up beer this year  and other sacrifices his Red Raiders had made. Texas Tech plays Michigan State Saturday night in the national semifinals.

Q. A little lighter question for you. I read in one of the articles about your trip here that one of the things you gave up this year was beer, which I think is something we can all relate to, both drinking it and the notion of how intimidating it would be to give it up. I wonder if you could reflect on that as someone who said he drank draft beer at the Final Four for many years.

CHRIS BEARD: It hasn’t been easy. We make sacrifices every year. Team, players, before we start official practice, we pick this up. LeBron James eliminates social media in the playoffs. I want to say Tom Brady enjoys a beer from time to time too. He gives it up in an NFL season. It’s just the idea of elite people making sacrifices and having discipline.

There’s guys on our team that have given up Netflix after 9:00 p.m. There’s guys on our team that have given up social media. There’s guys that have given up fried food. You basically have to sacrifice something. In our culture, if you say you’re going to do it, you’d better do it, or you’re about to get roasted.

So me this year, it’s no beer, no desserts, no candy. I haven’t had any ice cream, candy, cake, beer, since first day of practice. A couple things, though. Did you know a Pop-Tart is not a dessert? It’s a breakfast. I’ve eaten a lot of Pop-Tarts, man, since October.

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