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Golden State coach Steve Kerr feels “bad” for DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins (Golden State Warriors Photo)

Former Kentucky star DeMarcus Cousins remains questionable for Golden State’s game against the Toronto Raptors to start the NBA Finals Thursday. Cousins has missed every playoff game except the first two after tearing his left quadriceps muscle in the first round against the Clippers.

Here is what Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had to say about Cousins Monday:

Q. What kind of progress has DeMarcus made in these (instrasquad) scrimmages in the last week?
STEVE KERR: DeMarcus is making good progress. The timing of this whole thing is so tricky because he misses two months, it always takes big guys longer to find their rhythm, the speed of the game is so fast. If this were the regular season this would be simple, put him back in the starting lineup and give him his minutes and let him work his way back in, find his rhythm and it would be an easy one. But we’re going into Game 1 of the Finals. So he’s scrimmaged twice he’s working on his conditioning, the good news is his body feels good, his quad feels good, but he’s working his way back into shape and into rhythm. So this is not a simple dynamic for him and I feel bad for him. This is one of the reasons he came to this team was to play in the Playoffs and hopefully go to The Finals and here we are and he’s just coming back with Game 1 just a few days away. It’s not an easy position to be in.

Q. Will it come down to DeMarcus conditioning or is there more to it than that? Just his how he’s feeling for Game 1 or what?
STEVE KERR: Well there’s all kinds of factors. How is his conditioning, but also what the are the matchups look like, what are we trying to accomplish. So we’ll continue to assess all that over the coming days and we’ll decide what we’re going to do, obviously by Thursday night.

Q. Is it almost too much to ask from him to ramp it up to that high of a level for The Finals after being off this much time and coming back from this type of injury? He obviously wants to play and you want him to play, but it’s a lot to ask?
STEVE KERR: It’s a lot to ask, yup. So because as I said, that’s what he’s dealing with and we’re trying to help him along through the process and we’ll see where it all goes.

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  1. DeMarcus simply has had bad luck with his injuries. He might be able to give spot relief in the finals, but there is no way he will be starter ready. He should enjoy getting a ring regardless of his contribution and focus on next season. I would like to see him go back to the Pelicans. Boogie at center, AD at the 4 spot, and Williamson at the 3 would be a hellofa front line. If they would trade for a better SG, they would be contenders with a lot of upside.

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