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John Schlarman “inspirational” for UK commit John Young

John Young with his sister.


While it was important for John Young to have a good relationship with his college head coach, the Louisville Christian Academy junior knew it was even more important to have a good relationship with his future offensive line coach.

“It’s important to really feel a connection with the guy you are going to be working with the most,” said Young, who verbally committed to Kentucky last week. “An offensive lineman does not have all that much interaction with his head coach.

“From the moment he (Schlarman) recruited me to Kentucky we always had a good relationship. I always had fun with him, and that’s important.”

Young, a four-star prospect who has played on two state championship teams, still remembers finding out last summer that Schlarman had been diagnosed with cancer before UK’s preseason practice started. Schlarman needed chemotherapy but did not miss any games and very little practice time.

“That’s just a testament to how he feels about the program,” Young said. “People would have understood if he had to miss some stuff taking chemo. I remember him saying he would not miss and that he could take chemo and still coach. He did it and did it flawlessly.

“I think he is one of the most inspirational stories in college football. To be a father, still coach his team, keep his family going and go through chemo is just remarkable. It’s no wonder I got nothing but positive feedback about Coach (Schlarman) from everybody.”


  1. Big Bad John. He will anchor the UK OL in time.

  2. Really have a good feeling about John Young, think he is going to be outstanding.

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