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Josh Allen’s senior season gets him $23 million payday

Former Kentucky All-American Josh Allen got a $15 million signing bonus Thursday. (Jacksonville Jaguars Photo)


Coming back to Kentucky for his senior season has turned out to be very profitable for Josh Allen.

He officially signed his four-year rookie contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars Thursday that also contains a fifth-year option for the team. He will be almost $15 MILLION in his signing bonus and about $23 million total over four year based on the NFL rookie pay scale for the seventh pick in the draft.

“It feels good to focus on football now, and just worry about football – and not worry about anything off the field,” Allen said Thursday. “I know everything’s settled in now. I’m ready for my family to get down here, and be a Jacksonville Jaguar for life. I’m just ready to make a name for myself in the National Football League. It’s official. I’m officially a Jaguar. It feels great.”

It should with the kind of money he’s going to get because the hard work he was willing to put in to become the consensus national defensive player of the year in 2018 and maybe the best defensive player ever at Kentucky.

The only downside — if there really is one when you just got $15 million just for signing a contract — was that he missed Thursday’s practice with a bruised right knee he suffered in practice Tuesday. Allen downplayed the injury.

“It’s football. I’ve never heard of anybody ever not having anything wrong with them playing a violent sport such as this one. It is what it is. I’ll be back soon,” the NFL rookie said.

“I’m real excited,” he said. “The journey began when I got drafted here, but now it’s official. I get to put my head down and get to work. You can’t go through this and not be humbled by it, especially when you have a journey such as I did.

“Now, you’re here? I think of all of the people who helped me out during the process. It’s just a real humbling experience. I’m just excited to be here, and I’m real thankful.”

Coach Doug Marrone didn’t sound concerned, either.

“We’re just keeping him on the side, working,” Marrone told media members. “He’ll be fine. We’re not concerned about it. It’s a bruise. That’s it. That’s why I want to be sure to set it straight.”

Allen was not scheduled to practice today, either.

“If he was going to be back tomorrow, I wouldn’t say anything,” Marrone said Thursday. “We’re going to be cautious. This time of year, there’s no need to rush anyone back. He’s in shape. He’s strong. He’s done everything we’ve asked. Any other player we’d be doing the same thing, but just because it’s him I think you need to make sure you set everybody straight so nobody goes ‘conspiracy theory.’”


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  1. Larry V…subject change…little surprised that after 48 hrs I still haven’t seen you post about Cal losing out on another top target and wondering if this omission or commission? Now another coach, Hopkins, comes in and steals 2 of Cal’s top targets. Stewart perhaps an even bigger miss than McDaniels because of his motor, work ethic, and mental state…these are the characteristics that Cal can’t seem to land. He has to settle for bean poles with many under 200 lbs. Him continuing to land the number 1-2 recruiting classes, year after year, should no longer be just good enough as only 1 title on his watch isn’t either. McDaniels tweeting just before midnight that he was staying home and not having the courtesy or decency to even thank UK further evidence he probably wasn’t a good fit. This post should get both Pup and Hornet juiced up..LOL..Good Memorial Day to all!

    1. Hey mike, “LIFETIME CONTRACT!” That should keep you and Dukemandoo1000 crying for a long time. Our Coach, UK’s Coach, not Mike’s or Dukeman’s coach; IS HERE TOO STAY! Now you have the gall to call Larry V out over what he should or should not write. Not very cool. Do you just sit around and think about what your next negative comment will be on everything involving UK sports?

  2. UK football and his hard work and determination made Josh Allen a rich man. He is a great example for other young men too follow who don the Blue and White.

  3. Pup…..Do you feel a little foolish again since a report came out? Truth, facts, and a little emotion. You maybe need to review the word Negative. You need to stop the Rah Rah’s as very unbecoming. You didn’t used to do it that much before.

    1. Mikey are you from California? Because I know you love the Whine. If Pup is a Rah Rah then you and dukeman are the biggest cry babies on the site. Yes Cry Babies. It’s not what I want cry cry cry. Dooped By Stoops cry cry cry. Cal signed lifetime contract cry cry cry. You guys are worse than a 2 year old without a pacifier. So I dub you King of the Cry babies. And dukeman is your Queen. ROFLMAO. Cry Cry Babies. Cause babies love to cry and whine.

    2. Mike, as long as I can ring you bell I’m a happy Rah Rah! Everybody on this site that loves UK sports have you figured out. You can’t even comment on the subject at hand here on this blog most of the time. You just go negative and bring up a totally different subject, and you usually make no sense. Does being so negative make you feel important? According to Rivals, Calipari has signed the No. 1 recruiting class the last 6 out of 11 years. and right now he is probably No, 2 or 3 in 2019. The boys that don’t come here don’t belong here. Chew on that awhile. Are you really a UK fan? Honestly, what is your problem?

      1. On this forum…Mike is the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi.
        Always carping about the man in charge with nothing good to say.
        As I’ve said before, he suffers from an acute case of CDS.

        1. Hornet, If UK fired Cal tomorrow, Mikey would do the same thing to the next guy. He just can’t help himself. He has to appear better than any coach on the planet. Yet, did he play the game at this level, or coach on any level? He has never said. Next, he tries to weasel back in good graces by telling us here on VV’s how good a guy Calipari is, that he likes him, etc. but that is after trashing the best basketball coach UK ever had in every post he makes. The flattery from old Mikey here is just in case Cal wins No. 9 next season so he can save face and claim his space on the UK victory train, Us real fans have his number. Mikey you are no UK fan, you can’t be. Nobody that loves a program can be that negative all the time, especially with the record Calipari has. There are times when fans should speak up, but it sure ain’t now with this UK basketball program.

  4. It’s no wonder Catmandoo has you and Pup pegged as cheerleaders without a lot of substance. You guys only hear what you want to hear. You can’t stand facts, truth, and opinions that differ from yours. I like Cal very much for many reasons and have ever since he came aboard. There are several coaches out there that could have taken Cal’s talent further than he has for last several years and same could be said for Coach K. I have always thought Cal was a great guy, tireless recruiter, effective recruiter, but he has lost his edge last few years, chokes too many times in critical situations and hasn’t put the banners up that many of us thought he would when he came in. To add insult to that injury he lets two unknowns (Hardaway & Hopkins) come in this year and steal his Top Targets, and this bleeding will only escalate unless he gets more studs on his staff. Coach Mike has many of Trump’s qualities and a track record to match….Rah Rah!!

    1. Rah Rah…
      My comment appears to have elicited a somewhat positive comment.
      That’s an encouraging sign, Mike.
      Nancy must be praying for you.
      LOL 🙂

      1. Nice to see you, at least, somewhat alert this morning. Think Nancy probably praying for your family intervention.

        1. Nice try, padawan.

            • Mike on May 25, 2019 at 9:46 pm


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