Kash Daniel understands how important his success has been to eastern Kentucky fans

Kash Daniel (Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics)


He’s been a starter on a team that won 10 games, including the Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Day, and hopes to have an even bigger senior season at Kentucky.

Yet Kash Daniel of Paintsville has never forgot his eastern Kentucky roots or what the success he’s had at Kentucky means to those back home.

“For me, all this was always about making everybody in my state proud that one of their own came from the mountains and had success,” said Daniel. “For people in eastern Kentucky, it’s more special. There are not a lot of positives that come out of our part of the state.”

It was the same with Bell County’s Maci Morris, who recently ended her UK basketball career as the sixth all-time leading scorer.

“I guess it just gives people in the mountains a sense of pride,” Daniel said. “If living through me makes them happy, then I am happy. I am happy they support the team and me.

“A lot of this stuff I’ve accomplished didn’t always seem possible. I am just very grateful that people back home look to me as this player and person I am and see me this way now. It means a lot to me.”

Daniel only has one regret.

“I do not get home as much as like,” the senior linebacker said. “I am so tried after practice and stuff and it is two hours each way to get home. So I just don’t get there as much as I would like. Now if the fish are biting, I will get back home. I won’t miss that.”

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