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LPGA star Brittany Lincicome reflects on “awesome” PGA Barbasol experience last year

Brittany Lincicome (Gary Moyers Photo)


Last July LPGA star Brittany Lincicome came to Kentucky to play in the PGA Barbasol Championship.

This week she’s in Williamsburg, Va., for the Pure Silk Championship, her final tournament this season because she is pregnant.

Not surprisingly, Lincicome was asked again about her experience playing against the men last year in Kentucky when she failed to make the 36-hole cut.

“I loved it. I was a little worried more so about fans on social media, how they would perceive what I was doing and how they would take it,” Lincicome said.  “But everybody was fantastic, especially the players. The guys, they would come out of their way to come say hi to me, thank me for being there. They thought it was great and I thought it was awesome as well.

“I thought everything went as good as it possibly could have, other than the golf part. The four inches of rain the week I was there, I was looking for firm and fast and that was not firm and fast.

“I think more learning about myself. I took away from that just the confidence. There was so much media and so much people following me that I was so nervous. So the first day just learning how to calm myself and my emotions. Obviously handled it better the second day.

“Just knowing when you go into a major the next time how to relax a little bit, take some deep breaths, and calm myself down, which will be really helpful in the future.”

She explained how she got the tournament berth on a sponsor’s exemption and even though she had thought about what playing in a PGA Tour event might be like, she never expected it to happen.

Obviously thought about it for a while, talking with my agent and making sure there was no negatives to why I shouldn’t have played,” Lincicome said. “Talking with my mom and dad and husband and everybody, and of course my caddie (Missy Pederson) didn’t even second guess it. No, we’re doing it. She’s so competitive. It’s so funny.

“Yeah, it was really, really awesome and everybody was so great.”

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