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Maci Morris “can’t put into words” what Taylor Murray has meant to her

Taylor Murray (Vicky Graff Photo)


For four years Maci Morris got to play with Taylor Murray at Kentucky. They eventually became a dynamic guard duo with Murray’s explosive quickness and superb defense and Morris’ scoring/shooting ability.

Both developed into solid all-around players and both stayed at UK at a time when many other players bolted from the program.

This year they helped get Kentucky back into the NCAA Tournament and Morris is going to miss playing with her.

“I couldn’t put in words what it meant to play with her. She’s like a sister to me,” Morris said.

The two became great friends. At the end of the semester before graduation, they had a classroom project to do together.

“We went through highs and lows together,” Morris said. “We went through a lot most players do not go through. We stuck with each other on and off the court. I just can’t put into words what she means to me.”

What made her so good?

“She is super fast but at same time so strong. You wouldn’t believe how many girls told me they are so glad that Taylor never will guard them again,” Morris said. “She just has perfect timing with her hands. You can’t put the ball in front of her or she is going to steal it.
“Even if she does something wrong, she is so fast she will get right back in front of you. Very few players can do that.”

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  1. Hey Maci, you need to run for Miss Kentucky…You’d win going away!

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