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Singing national anthem for UK baseball was “unbelievably cool experience” for Montgomery Gentry guitarist Bo Garrett

Bo Garrett always dreamed of playing baseball for UK but was thrilled to sing the national anthem for the Cats last Friday. (UK Athletics Photo)


Since 1999 Bo Garrett has been the lead guitarist for Montgomery Gentry and has got to play in some amazing venues and be part of many special things thanks to the country music group’s success.

However, I am not sure I have ever seen Garrett — a man I have known for 20 years — more excited than he was last Friday when he sang the national anthem at Kentucky Proud Park before the UK baseball team hosted Arkansas.

He said it was “an honor and privilege” to get the opportunity and thanked UK Nick Minion and UK athletics numerous times for the opportunity.

“I’ve made a lot of #Memories traveling the world with my #Guitar, but as a #Kentucky boy, this one ranks way up there,” Garrett posted on twitter after his national anthem performance.

He noted how he “wasn’t at third base with a glove” like he had dreamed of doing for UK but he was happy at home plate with his guitar and just being on the field with Mingione and his team.

“Unbelievably cool experience. I’m a huge UK baseball fan, so getting to do it for them, the first year in the new park! Wow!” Garrett said. “It was more nerve-wracking (than other performances). It was just me, out there alone, with my guitar. None of the guys were around. And you know how much I love this country. So, I was terrified of messing it up.”

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