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Tyrese Maxey learning to play with different gear that great guards have

Tyrone Maxey with his son Tyrese and wife Denyse at the McDonald’s All-American Game. (McDonald’s All-American Photo)


Because he’s been a college coach and also had a successful playing career of his own, Tyrone Maxey has tried to help prepare his son, guard Tyrese Maxey, for what his first season at Kentucky might be like.

“Pace of play is really different in college. His has got better and a lot of that comes with maturity,” Tyrone Maxey said. “We watch a lot of film together. I try to explain to him that there are five gears and the great guards are able to play fast and change speeds and yet still read the game and let it play at a slower pace in their minds.

“I think he is evolving into that at the right time and that will really be important next year when he’s playing at Kentucky. The great guards have to be able to do that.”

One plus Tyrese Maxey should have is that he’s been a solid defender for years and has embraced the value of defense.

“He’s always been very competitive but somewhere around his freshman year he decided to take the challenge of guarding the other team’s best player and really getting after him,” Tyrone Maxey said. “He listens to me a lot about how important defense is and how being a complete player means more than just being able to score.

“On the Nike EYBL, he was the defensive player of the year. He wants to be an elite defender but there is more to that than just guarding your man. You have to defend cuts, defend screens. I think he understands that’s all part of what being an elite defender is.”


  1. Having someone in the locker room who is always smiling and willing to sacrifice for the good of the TEAM is key to the OAD process…this is Maxey.

  2. Tyrese is exactly what we have been missing…a point guard who can do it all and is willing to do what helps the team most…if Cal doesn’t mess him up. He will help Nick’s game immensely. I like how this team is coming together. Hopefully, Tyrese will rub off on the rest. The only thing that will keep this team from being great is Coach Cal.

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