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Vince Marrow takes it personal when a player transfers


With the recent trends in college athletics where athletes transfer quicker than ever before, I often wonder what it must be like for a coach to see a player he or she recruited leave.

Recently I got a chance to ask Kentucky football recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow how he felt when a player left the Wildcats — no matter the reason — to transfer to another school.

“Some coaches do it so long that these kids are just objects. To me, from day one of a kid I recruited, I recruit them like they are my family,” said Marrow. “(Kentucky coach) Mark (Stoops) even said when I lost one kid and was upset, ‘Dude, you are a great recruiter but you ain’t going to get them all.’

“I really took offense to that. I am honest in what I am selling. When you recruit a kid and he comes here and it don’t work out for him and he transfers, personally that bothers me. It’s tougher on me than not getting him because he came in my family. When I sat in his living room and talked to his mom and dad and told them I would take care of him and he leaves, it hurts.”

Marrow said players don’t transfer for grades or because they don’t like the school. It’s normally all about playing time.

“I try to be honest with kids. Every kid I recruit — 46 or more since been here — I have parents talk to parents of previous kids I recruited and they say, ‘Everything coach Morrow said was accurate.’ I had one kid transfer who really bothered me because I really liked him,” Marrow said.

“That part bothers me. It is more when they get here and it don’t work out that really bothers me. Some coaches don’t care. I think what makes me a good recruiter can also affect me because I get emotionally involved with these kids.

“I get to know them when they are freshmen and sophomores That’s who we get the head start and then others think they better get on them, too.”


  1. Real authentic, personal connection, is not lost on young kids, since sadly, it appears they don’t encounter it enough on a frequency basis. It really seems to impress them. Vince Marrow realized that somewhere during his life experiences, and it shows in the success he enjoys with players and their families. You’re FAMILY to BBN Vince, and a tip of the hat acknowledgment to you.

    1. Ditto hfb. Couldn’t agree more.

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