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What does ESPN analyst Mike Schmitz think about UK players in June draft?

Keldon Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)


The NBA Draft is now just over a month away and mock drafts should start becoming more accurate as more and more teams finish their analysis on every player.

ESPN draft analyst Mike Schmitz was part of the coverage crew at last week’s NBA Combine and closely evaluates prospects and their draft chances. He was even at the McDonald’s All-American Game this year to begin evaluating future draft prospects.

He’s seen plenty of UK’s PJ Washington, Tyler Herro and Keldon Johnson even though the three did just limited measurements/interviews during the combine because all three seem to be locked into the first round.

“I think Tyler is in a pretty comfortable spot, whether it’s the mid-teens or even late lottery. I think he’s going to look good in (team) workouts because his ability to shoot the ball,” Schmitz said.

“P.J. as well, I think he’s in a very comfortable spot as well, probably likely secured in that late lottery just because he’s so solid and we’ve seen his improvement over the last year.”

What about Johnson?

“I think Keldon is a guy who could probably sneak into the mid to late teens as well just because his physicality, his toughness,” Schmitz said. “I think he’s going to impress teams in the interview process, and for him it’s about shooting the ball well in workouts, I think. That’s going to be the key for him.

“That’s probably one of the bigger question marks about his game. He shot a good percentage this last year, but he just needs to show consistent confidence from three.”


  1. Gee! Surprised that such a positive analysis came from an ESPN guy…he’s spot on.

  2. Its so hard to know what NBA teams are thinking coming into the draft as they put out so much fake news to throw off other teams. There were huge surprises in selecting the draft order. There will be more surprises as the draft plays out. I hope it all works out for our guys.

  3. I think when the individual team workouts start, PJ is going to climb the LEADER BOARD. The ability to guard almost all positions, his tremendous length /reach, vastly improved 3pt shot and the real difference maker, his nearly impossible to block JUMP HOOK-not a better combination of skills in the draft that I’m seeing with my blue shades-ha!

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