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DeMarcus Cousins on popularity in Europe, being underdog and more

Golden State trails Toronto 3-1 going into tonight’s Game 6 in Toronto. Former Kentucky star DeMarcus Cousins shared his thoughts on a lot of things during Sunday’s pres

Q. To all the viewers that are watching you guys all over Europe, is there any different preparation for a clinching game?
DeMARCUS COUSINS: Just got to play better than we have in the past. Got to believe every game and see what happens.

Q. What’s it like sort of being the underdogs for this game? I think a lot of people are starting to count you guys out.
DeMARCUS COUSINS: It’s a little weird to be the underdog now, but we’ll roll with the punches and we’ll come out playing as hard as we can and see what happens.

Q. On the lighter side of the conversation, in Spain people are staying up late to watch you guys. Your nickname over there, they’re calling you “Primo.” What do you think about that?

Q. You’re known as “Primo” out there.
DeMARCUS COUSINS: What’s it mean?

Q. Cousin.
Q. The ball movement has been really good with Toronto lately. Are you guys anticipating them to move the ball, fast, quick and they’re getting those open shots and then hopefully you guys are able to defend them better than you have been in the past; is that the game plan?
DeMARCUS COUSINS: It is. They’re a tough team, they got five threats on the floor, they share the ball, they make everyone a threat and they do it really well. So we got to come out on our toes ready to go.

Q. How do you balance the emotions of being happy that you were able to make it back despite the injury, but also I imagine you’re a competitor and disappointed that maybe you’re not healthy where you want to be to compete at your best?
DeMARCUS COUSINS: These are the cards I was dealt, so just make the best of the situation, that’s all you really can do.

Q. It’s not often that you guys find yourself in this deficit on the road, where a team that’s never won the NBA championship against a chance to do that in front of their home crowd, how do you overcome that and try to turn the series around?
DeMARCUS COUSINS: Come out ready to play. Every game from this point on is a Game 7, so that’s how we’ll approach it.

Q. What has the mood been like in the locker room? You guys have a team that is literally one of the best ever.
DeMARCUS COUSINS: Focus. Focused. That’s it.

Q. Do you guys feel confident with this squad for sure you can come back?

Q. I guess Draymond had a pretty fiery speech to you guys after the game the other night. Can you talk a little bit about what he said.
DeMARCUS COUSINS: It’s not over. Still got a great chance to win this year, so we just got to come out and play.

Q. What does it take to get this game?
DeMARCUS COUSINS: Focus on the task at hand, which is the game tomorrow and like I said, one game at a time.

Q. Any messages for the viewers in Europe staying up late to watch you guys?
DeMARCUS COUSINS: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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