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Draft drop motivates Keldon Johnson but he still feels “blessed” by opportunity ahead of him

Keldon Johnson


No matter what anyone says, Keldon Johnson had to be bitterly disappointed that he fell to 29th in  last week’s NBA Draft.

For most of the season, Johnson was projected as a lottery pick. Even just a few days before the draft, he was projected by most to be no worse than a top 20 pick.

Instead, he fell all the way to the San Antonio Spurs and took a huge salary hit. However, give Johnson credit for at least putting the proper spin on what happened and or maybe just keeping it in proper perspective.

“I am blessed to be in the draft,” the former Kentucky star said during his first press conference in San Antonio.

Johnson pointed out how many players never get the opportunity he has.

“It is definitely motivating (dropping in the draft). But, at the same time, God blessed me to a great situation being here in San Antonio. I am just taking it all in and enjoying it, and kind of leaving it alone,” Johnson said.

“The draft is behind me. You are starting at ground zero when you get here. I am just ready to come in here and learn and have some fun.”

What a great outlook for Johnson and if he plays as well as he thinks he can, his second NBA contract can be really lucrative and that’s what counts the most. Maybe that’s why Johnson said he was just “enjoying the process” despite being drafted 29th.

He also seems to be a big fan of San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich already.

“He’s an amazing guy,” Johnson said. “I think there are a lot of people who look at him as a mean, stubborn man. They see him during a game when he is competitive, but he is a great person.”

Sort of sounds similar to what the perception of John Calipari is at Kentucky.


  1. Yes, he did take a big salary hit, but it is guaranteed just the same. Use the next 3 or 4 years to get stronger, work on your 3 point shot, and your defense. Pop won’t be there in 4 years, so learn what you can from him while he is there. Learn the NBA game and position yourself for a nice free agent contract when your rookie contract is done.

  2. Keldon, kick rear. We know you can do it. You impressed up from the moment we met you at the Women’s Clinic. I loved following you at all of the home games as well as the SEC tourney. Your smile, engagement with the game and personality are bigger than life. You will do well in whatever you do. I know you will embrace the town, the team and the coach.

  3. You got a real break Keldon, take full advantage of it. You’re with a first class organization and San Antonio is a very nice place to live. You’re built for the present NBA game style, so make yourself and BBN proud-we saw enough of you to know you can be successful. Get em big guy!

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