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Even without Kerry Blackshear, Calipari believes Cats will be “good defensively”

EJ Montgomery. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Maybe when he was holding his post-NBA Draft press conference Kentucky coach John Calipari already knew or sensed that Virginia Tech graduate transfer Kerry Blackshear was not coming to UK.

Whether he did or did not know, though, Calipari made it clear that Kentucky was “good” going into next season with the roster he already knew he had.

“We’re good one way or another. If we add, fine. If we don’t, I’m good,” Calipari said.

“You have stuff that happens last minute and things that are going, but our kids – I look at our group that we have and I’m really pleased with.”

He has grad transfer Nate Sestina to go along with junior Nick Richards and sophomore EJ Montgomery. He also has a standout group of perimeter players any coach in the country would like to have.

“I think our guard play is going to be good, too. But you’re going to have – look, the whole idea defensively is do you have shot blockers behind them? Do you have athletes that are guarding?” Calipari said.

“And all of a sudden now, this team should be a great defensive team. I may be wrong because it’s really early. I’ve been wrong before – 1978 – but I would guess that this team, people will talk about, ‘Man, are they good defensively.’ That’s what we should be.”


  1. I think Blackshear would have been a great asset to our team. However, I also think the Cats will do just fine without him.
    I expect EJ to have a breakout season and hopefully, Nick will step up to the plate and be the man he could be in the paint.
    I don’t know much about Sestina, but indications are that he could be a good contributor.
    My gut tells me that Cal will add another before school starts in the fall.

  2. Hornet, pull your head out of your butt so you can see reality. Nick will be a little better and so will EJ, but not enough to make up for the loss of Blackshear. Calipari builds his offense around guards and wings. Nick, EJ, and Sestina will be relegated to rebounder/defender roles as the wings and guards will take 90% of the team’s shots. We will win a lot of games, will lose 3 or 4 to teams we should beat. and will not make a Final 4. Second weekend losses in the Big Dance have become our new normal. Rah Rah Rah all of you pathetic Big Blue wannabes.

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