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Football players’ mission trip to Ethiopia included unique experiences with camels, goats

Landon Young (Ordinary Hero Photo)


Kentucky football players Landon Young, Boogie Watson and Calvin Taylor Jr. said their May mission trip to Ethiopia with Ordinary Hero left a lasting impression on them because of the work they did to try and help children there.

However, the players also got to experience a few other new things, too.

They went to a resort with the Ethiopian children that had a lake and zoo and were given a chance to ride a camel right after the players, children and camels all had lunch.

“There’s not 300-pounders in Ethiopia, and that camel had never seen what was coming at him,” the 324-pound Young said.

Watson had a little different perception.

“It was foaming at the mouth,” Watson added.

Young’s camel didn’t rush to give him a ride after finishing lunch.

“It still wasn’t done when I had to ride it after lunch, so it was hurting. It was very sore. You can ask (Boogie and Calvin), it tried to get up with me a couple of times before it finally did it. It was growling,” Young said.

Taylor had his own memorable experience trying to hold a goat and hoist it up to Young and Watson for transport.

“I wouldn’t say afraid (of the goat). The word I would use was cautious,” Taylor said. “That was an experience, too.

“Just going over there I was a little nervous. I was a little nervous (with the goat). Eventually I did put it up there with Landon, but it was an experience to remember.”

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