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Golden State coach Steve Kerr all class after title loss to Toronto


Sometimes how a coach handles a difficult, emotional defeat says more about the coach than what happens after any win ever could.

Golden State lost 114-110 to Toronto Thursday to let the Raptors dethrone the Warriors. Golden State was devastated by injuries but pay close attention to what Kerr’s opening remarks were after the loss.

“Before I take any questions I want to congratulate Toronto. They’re a fantastic basketball team. Great defensively, share the ball, play a beautiful style, a lot of great two-way players and a lot of veteran players who have been in this league contributing for a long time,” Kerr said.

“And so I’m very happy for them. Winning a championship is the ultimate in this league, and they have got a lot of guys who have earned this. So congrats to Toronto, to their organization, to their fans, they are a worthy champion.”

He wasn’t finished.

“Let me say a couple words about our team. It’s actually, it’s hard to put into words how I feel about our team. What I’ve witnessed as their coach over the last five years is just an incredible combination of talent and character and commitment to each other. This just doesn’t happen. A group of guys like this doesn’t come around together and do what they did over the last five years. And I’ve been lucky enough to be their coach,” Kerr said.

“That’s what I told them in the locker room. I can’t tell you my gratitude in terms of just being put in this position to be with this group and to coach them and to help them. But I could not be any luckier as a coach to be with these guys every day and to watch them compete and, boy, do they compete. I think they showed that throughout this series and throughout the playoffs. So with that I will take some questions.”

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