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Isaac Humphries has different game now, but still appreciates support John Calipari has always provided

Isaac Humphries (Vicky Graff Photo)


For University of Kentucky basketball fans who have not seen Isaac Humphries play since he left UK two years ago after his sophomore season, they might be surprised by what they see from him.

He’s played overseas for two years and finished last season with the Atlanta Hawks. This summer he’s on the Sacramento Kings summer roster and hopes to land a roster spot with the NBA team for next season.

How has his game changed?

“I shoot 3’s now. That is a little different now,” Humphries said. “I have developed that 3 game and that is really a valuable asset in the NBA. I feel very confident in shooting the 3 but I am also comfortable putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim.

“Last year I had a lot of freedom and took on the role for the team they needed me to. I explored other aspects of my game and will continue with that. So I have a little different game now but I am still the same guy.”

He was in Lexington recently performing a concert to benefit the Ronald McDonald House.

“Basketball and music are both passions of mine and I love them both,” Humphries said. “It’s important for me to do both.”

Kentucky coach John Calipari was a huge supporter of Humphries performing the concert. None of that surprised Humphries considering how the coach was when he played at Kentucky.

“I was surprised at how supportive he was of all us. With coaching there are ups and downs. It’s just part of basketball,” Humphries said.

“Off the court he was very supportive and made us believe if we believed in something to really back that. That kind of kept that with me. That’s a lot of the reason that the concert happened. His support for us off the court  was really cool to know he does support all we do and it’s still the same way today as it was when I played for him.”


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  1. It used to be that you expanded/developed your game in college. Calipari had Issac for 2 years and never gave him the opportunity to do that. Despite being limited to a limited support role, Issac almost brought us back from a loss to North Carolina in the Big Dance. Calipari has wasted so much big man talent that it’s no wonder that elite big men are going to play at other schools. Without Anthony Davis, we don’t win the title in 2012. Without a dominant big man, you can’t win a national title period. Calipari just doesn’t get it. We will never get title No. 9 until Calipari is gone. All of the Rah Rah’s will say, Hey we won 30 games. Hey we were a top 10 team in the polls all season. Hey we were a #2 or #3 seed in the Big Dance

  2. But we aren’t winning national titles and maybe not even SEC season/tournament titles like we should be. Now all of you Rah Rahs scream Stop it! We love Calipari! We love being also rans! It won’t be long before people will be referring to KY as the nickel plated standard of college basketball.

    1. Cry me a River. Cry Cry Cry, The cry baby got up early today. Do you want some cheese with that whine? You Whaa Whaa’s crack me yup. The funny thing is you are part of the noise that Cal warns players about. Rah Rah Rah!

    2. Catman listen to yourself, are you for real? And you say you actually put on the UK uniform and have the nads totalk about your former team like that under a current HOF coach. Wow!!! I would disguise my name too if I were you.

      1. Let’s play nice guys so we don’t discourage others from commenting

  3. Your negativity Catmandoo just tried to suck the life out of me. Thank you Larry for the positive article about Issac.

  4. Isaac save out butt against Louisville and the regionals. finals against Ohio. St to earn a trip to the final four. Catmandoo don’t me that crap what you say about Cal and attacking our players. Just jump the ship and move fu.__ on to another ship Jesus Christ

    1. You are taking this way too seriously. Tell is how you really feel.

      1. I just did Coach Mike. If you guys ain’t happy just jump ship to another team that’s all I’m saying. Oh by the way was you the. oneto get Stools fire too. You guys live in a negative World.

        1. Yes he is and always will be Dooped by Stoops. Or Pan Gran. But has graduated to the Wrong Dong! ! Rah Rah Rah! !

            • UKFMLY on June 27, 2019 at 9:06 pm

            Ok that may have been a bit Strong but it wasn’t Wrong. Rah Rah Rah !

      2. What’s the matter Mikey, get your feelings hurt? Cats79 told it right. Anyone that don’t agree with you two air heads, (Catmandoo and you) are taking it too seriously? You are a laugh a min. my man. By the way Mikey, where did you ever play the game. You have never told us. You must have been a 3 sport star right, as much as you critique every UK coach and player in football and basketball? Also, we are all still waiting on the names of the former UK coaches and players Catmandoo says agrees with him on how sorry Cal. has turned out to be. All we get from him is more BS. Yeah we are serious about UK sports on this site. Don’t like it when you two slam players and coaches for no good reason 24/7.

  5. Meant Stoops that is

  6. The very worst thing about being a KY fan is having to listen to all of the ignorant people who think being fanatics help our teams and university. I speak the truth in hopes that it will bring about needed change to restore KY back to being the gold standard of college basketball. Right now, we are only gold plated. Calipari was a necessary change to get our win totals back where they should be. His first 5 years should have produced 3 national titles and we got one. Now he couldn’t care less…A new 10 year contract and a fan base that doesn’t care about winning national titles so long as they can TALK about winning national titles. We are fast becoming known as the ALL TALK AND NO DO center of college basketball. When the Rah Rahs scream the loudest, you know you just hit a nerve of truth. In 5 years, we will be where UCLA is now trying to figure out how to become relevant again. If we continue down this road, we could very well become the next Indiana. I will not turn a blind eye on this travesty. In 3 more years, everyone will know the truth. The Rah Rahs will turn on Calipari but the fix will be a slow one.

    1. Catmandoo, what basketball coach in UK’s storied history has done more for UK basketball than John Calipari in the form of final fours, elite eights, and sweet sixteens, with one National Championship, and untold numbers of athletes currently in the NBA out of this program, name him. I guess some would say Adolph Rupp, but in the modern era I mean. The people that make the decisions at UK don’t agree with your one sided rants. I guess they are ignorant too, right? I’m beginning to think you just like attention, and this is an easy forum to spew your personal dislike for a coach who has performed pretty well IMO.. To constantly harp on the things you do about this program is really sort of delusional. Especially from someone who says he at one time put on the uniform. Tell me what other current SEC coach has accomplished what Calipari has in the last 10 years. Then you have the gall too call people ignorant because they are good fans and support the program. I sort of thought that is what a fan does, especially with the record this coach has posted.

  7. Catmandoo:
    When I consider your constant negativity on this forum, I cannot help but ponder the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson…
    “What is the purpose of evil, of pain, and hunger, and mosquitoes and silly people?”

  8. Pup,
    You and Hornet just don’t get it. All of the accomplishments you mentioned would be wonderful at most other schools, but KY gauges its success on National Titles won. Rah Rahs like you are constantly trying to lower the bar and for what purpose? All of those other coaches are EX coaches for one reason only…they stopped winning national titles. This coach better get his butt in gear, because if he doesn’t win another one soon, he will be out the door, contract not withstanding. Rant and rave all you want, but this message has already been delivered. The 10 year contract was just window dressing to help with recruiting, but he has 4 years to win another national title, if not, he will fade off into the sunset with all of you Rah Rahs crying a river of synthetic blue.

    1. Who but you Catmandoo says Cal only has 4 more years to win a national championship or he’s gone? Are you suddenly the decision maker for UK. I say he wins one next year. You are so full of horse shit. We all want to win national championships, but it ain’t that easy. I hope No. 9 is soon coming just for the possibility that it might shut you up. But, I doubt it, you would find something to complain about, you and your pal Mikey. Listen….shoooo….”Lifetime Contract!” Read it and weep my man. He is here to stay.

      1. Pup,
        You must have a brother named Shemp. Contracts are always written to protect the entity that offers it. When it comes time to break this one, Calipari will save face by taking an NBA job and make it look like it was his idea. Cal has had the talent to have won 5 national titles and only has 1, so what makes you Rah Rahs think it will be any different with this team? Word has it that it might not be 4 years, 4 years is the max. He has a loaded team and won’t even win the SEC season or tournament title, much less a national title. Cal has all of you Rah Rahs snowed, but even he can only take so much humiliation. Brad is no longer here, so Cal can bail at any time. I think 2 years will do it. Tell Moe and Curly that I said Hi.

        1. Where are the names of the former players and coaches that agree with you Catman. We are all waiting.

          1. Amen !!!
            How ’bout it, Mr. Catman ?

          2. You have to earn the right to be allowed into that circle Pup. Its because of that, that I am so outspoken against those who try to rationalize why we don’t win national titles. You are right, my group only won one, we should have won three. Part of that was on us, part of it was on Coach. Why do you think he stepped down so soon? He realized he was not up to the task and did the honorable thing. Calipari has no such character. He has rationalized that as long as he gets kids in the NBA, nothing else matters. Its sad that so many in BBN have bought into that line of thinking…be grateful for a national title every 15 to 20 years…that’s the best that can be done. I refuse to admit that Duke, North Carolina, Connecticut, and Villanova are better than us. They have all won multiple titles in 10 year periods. If we are truly the gold standard of college basketball, then we should be winning at that same level or better and we are not. Others who have coached here left when they failed to produce or were forced to leave. Its time for Calipari to starting winning national titles or move on. This isn’t about me or Mike, its about our program. We criticize the program rightfully so, you and Hornet attack us because you know we are right. Go ahead and be a Rah Rah. I know better is possible but only with a coach/team that believes it and wants it. The OAD era is ruining the game, but those programs I mentioned earlier have won multiple titles within that era. Why haven’t we?

          3. Oh, you are very GD welcomed for No. 5.

          4. Catmandoo, you my man are full of it, and so full of yourself to boot.

          5. Again, let’s play nice

          6. @ Larry Pup;
            Catmandoo may be a lot of things, but I see nothing that would indicate he is a “man”.

  9. Catdoo try Who’s crying now(by Journey). That is your theme song. I live for today. You hold your breathe for tomorrow. There is only one coach in UK history with more than 1 Championship. Only 1. So based on your post every other coach at UK has been a failure. Because none of them won more that a single NCAA Championship. So you can continue to Cry Me A River (by Justin Timberlake ) while the rest of us continue to ride The Love Train (by The O’Jays). Rah Rah Rah! Give a listen they are all good songs !

    1. This just shows how ridiculously ignorant all of you Rah Rahs are. Can you say ADOLPH RUPP? Kentucky was the gold standard in the 40s and 50s. You are right about the other coaches being failures in terms of this program’s mission…win national championships. That’s why they are EX coaches and is also why Calipari will be an EX coach soon enough.

  10. I think it’s time to drop the basketball drama and let’s focus on the upcoming football season in which I think they will have another great season..

  11. Will Dante be the next target to take the first train out of Lexington? Duped by Cal..LOL..go Rah Rah’s..We wii see how you like Stoops after this year.

    1. Dooped By Stoops Really again this year. You know you have absolutely no credibility here when it comes to FB. None. I would think that after whining every week during a historic FB season you would show the coaches and team a whole lot more respect. Despite not throwing the ball as much as some (you) thought we should we put up more wins than any of those pass happy teams of the past. Relax and come over to the Rah Rah’s. We have way more fun!

      1. The title “Duped by Stoops” was well earned at the time of posting and, yes, he has performed at a higher level since, but I wouldn’t recommend taking too many victory laps so soon as a good chance he could earn it again this year. Some pubs have us only finishing above Vandy, and that will not satisfy Coach Mike, Catmandoo, and many others. Rah, Rah! My day is made when I get a lot of you guys juiced about my accurate reportage.

        1. 10 persenters ! Daddy always said 10 percent makes us all look bad. You whiners are than Whaa Whaa Whaa. So dumb you think someone actually cares if you cry babies are satisfied or not. So dumb you describe yourself as a Troll. You only post with hopes of annoying people. The definition of an internet Troll. LOL

  12. Mike you let your brain do the talking before you realize what your mouth says. Stools and Cal are here for you to be miserable for the long haul.Go Cats!

    1. I think many of you cheerleaders are democrats in disguise and I have zero tolerance for dems,,MAGA.

      1. Where did you play big time sports Mikey? You are so silent about that on VV’s, yet get on here and post negative comments about many UK players and coaches all the time. Where did you play Mikey?

        1. Just happy to be able to make your headlines.

  13. Reply To Larry Vaught messages, Will do sir and I apologize hopefully everybody else will follow suit. Thank you for all you do on this forum.

  14. The Great Calipari loses a top 5 recruit to Coach K…AGAIN!!! The word is out, Calipari can’t coach and can’t develop players. Losing bigs has become a given these days, but now a wing? Its early, but Lanardi has bumped us off the No. 1 line. Without overwhelming talent, UK is viewed as an also ran before the season even starts. Rah Rah Rah!

  15. Coach K can have all the 5 stars players he wants. That doesn’t mean you win the NCAA title automatically. The game is play on the floor not by the players stock. Duke had a loaded team with 5 stars last year is a proven fact what I’m saying.

    1. @ Cats79:
      I smell a rat.
      K had what was arguably the best recruiting recruiting class ever assembled last year. Yet, in spite of that, he failed to guide the team to the Final Four.
      I simply do not understand how he is beating out so many other great coaches on the recruiting trail.
      Apparently, there’s more to it than winning championships.

      1. It’s called pay for play. ZW was probably fruit of that type recruiting. I know it was mentioned in his recruiting process.

        1. If that is indeed the case, I predict the NCAA will never investigate their golden boy.

  16. Must say I have been on a vacation from reading here for most of the summer, and stumbled into this thread only because I heard Issaac interviewed on the radio about his singing and his show in Lexington. I wanted to find out how he did and walked into this hornet’s nest.

    I do not understand why every topic must devolve into this type of slam Calipari tirade, but that seems to be the sole purpose of some people.

    Carry on.

    1. Only two on here Professor do that. Can you guess who they are? If UK fired Cal tomorrow, the same two would give the new coach the same treatment.

    2. Glad to have you back Professor and got to admit I am with you on the Cal bashing. I will take knowing a team is in the title hunt every year and be happy to enjoy March Madness

      1. Yeah what he said!

      2. Well said, Larry V.

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