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John Calipari appreciates message PJ Washington sent to every player at Kentucky

PJ Washington


Having PJ Washington become a lottery pick was a big moment for the player but also could have a big impact on the Kentucky basketball program.

Kentucky coach John Calipari said Washington going from “probably a second-rounder” last year to the 12th pick in this year’s draft sends a strong message to other players.

“What he says to every player here in this program, if you’re not quite ready, it’s OK to come back and get yourself right physically, mentally, emotionally, skill sets. He did all that,” Calipari said.

“But he not only told our kids in this program, he told every college player: Don’t come out until you’re ready.”

Calipari said he told EJ Montgomery after the draft what Washington did for him. Same with Nick Richards.

“I said, ‘EJ, you understand what he just did for you? Now, I expect the same stuff out of you that we got from him.’ I said the same thing to Nick. You came back for a reason. OK, take advantage,” Calipari said.

“Every kid is on their own path. I was happy for (Washington). He’s in the situation where they really need someone like him.”


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  1. PJ is a class act.
    I wish the best for him in the future.

    1. Catmandoo1000 belittled and criticized PJ all year. I guess these NBA people and GM’s didn’t see it quite that way. Amazing.

      1. Saying Charlotte was wise in picking PJ at no. 12 is like saying Moe is the smart stooge. Charlotte is the true definition of mediocrity and will always be an also ran. It’s up to PJ to make the most of being a Hornet and position himself for a better team as a free agent. Hey Pup, do you have a brother named Shemp?

    2. I am with you Hornet on PJ

  2. Not only is he an outstanding player, but he is just a “good guy.” At the Women’s Clinic both year he showed a fantastic personality. He will do a great job for the Hornets.

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