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John Calipari okay if a player transfers to try and make his dream come true

John Calipari (Jeff Houchin Photo)


During the recent Southeastern Conference meetings in Destin, Fla., Kentucky coach John Calipari shared some thoughts about the increase in player transfers even before word came out that his own son, Brad, had put his name into the NCAA transfer portal and might leave UK after spending the last three seasons playing for the Wildcats.

“We’re up front and honest about what to expect instead of saying to expect the world,” Calipari told “You can’t do that now because the way it’s playing out is that they (players) may be able to leave and may not even have to sit out, and I like that for the kids.“

Calipari said the issues start in high school and AAU play where athletes now often change teams. The Kentucky coach said players have to understand there is no easy path to the NBA whether they are at Kentucky or anywhere else.

“You either master your craft and take the year to prepare yourself, or you are simply not ready for the NBA,” Calipari said. “We haven’t had many kids transfer, but the ones that do still stay in touch. I didn’t make it personal, it’s not about me.

“If you think you have a better chance to go somewhere else to make your dreams come true rather than here, than I’m wishing you well and I’ll support you.”

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  1. There is only one ball and 200 minutes a game for the team. Recruits are looking for a place to shine vs. playing a role. Calipari’s offense is only geared for 2 players. If a third is opportunistic, like Keldon was, they can make their mark too. Reid was sacrificed to benefit PJ. Tyler was Cal’s 2nd love. Keldon made his breaks and Hagan had his moments but he needs to look to score more next season to keep the defenses honest. Who will be the 3 Musketeers next year? My guess is Juzang, Brooks, and Maxey.

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