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John Calipari on undrafted Reid Travis: “He’s a better player.”

Reid Travis (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Reid Travis was a two-time all-conference player at Stanford before coming to Kentucky as a graduate transfer last season.  Even though he was not picked in Thursday’s NBA Draft, Kentucky coach John Calipari insists Travis is “way better than he was” and both the player and coach know that.

“Reid is the best version of himself right now as a player. Better movement, playing above the rim where he didn’t, blocking shots, dunking balls, no one ever saw any of that in him. His 3-point shooting and all that stuff has improved, his free-throw shooting. He’s a better player,” Calipari said.

“He did not get to work out for one team. Not one. Any question marks, he couldn’t. What I wanted him to do, and I told him right away, every team you worked out for a year ago, go back. Work out for that same team. They’ll see.

“He didn’t get to do it because of his leg. But he improved himself immensely. No question in his mind, my mind or anybody else in the NBA that watched him.”

Calipari said Saturday that Travis is trying to “figure out” what comes next for him. The UK coach said Travis has been invited to play on different summer league teams.

“Every kid is on a different path. Whether it was Isaiah Briscoe that went to the Ukraine or whether it’s Derek Willis playing in Germany having a heck of a year, so he’s now putting himself in a position that way. They’re all on different paths,” Calipari said.



  1. Sounds like Cal has a guilty conscience. Reid got the shaft here no matter how Calipari or Pup try to spin it. Elite big men are taking notice of Reid’s raw deal and are going to play elsewhere…can you say James Wiseman? Add Kerry Blackshear to that list too. Rah Rah Rah!!!

  2. Oh, for those who doubt the validity of my posts…go to and read Mark Story’s article on The Ten Worst Things About Being a Wildcat Fan. Mark calls it like it is while Pup and 79 justify that we just have to learn to be happy about it. Our program has a cancer. We have taken chemo and radiation to no avail…time to cut it out!

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