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Keldon Johnson thinks he will “fit pretty well” with San Antonio

Keldon Johnson (Jeff Houchin Photo)

Here is what Keldon Johnson had to say after being picked in the first round by San Antonio Thursday.

Q. Just talk about your style of play and what you’ll bring to your new team?
KELDON JOHNSON: I think I bring a lot of energy, hard-working. I think that I can get up and down and run. I feel like I’m very versatile, play multiple positions. I think I fit pretty well.

Q. This time last year you were getting selected to college at the University of Kentucky. I have heard Coach Cal say so the NBA is a man’s league. How tough do you expect that transition to be?
KELDON JOHNSON: I think it will be pretty tough. I think I adjust pretty well. I think my game really translates to the NBA. So I think I’ll be fine. I’ll just listen to my coach and get ready to learn.

Q. Yesterday we spoke a little bit about your pre-draft meeting with San Antonio. One thing you told me that stood out was they told you they can develop your game. How do you see your game meshing with guys like DeMar Derozan, LaMarcus Aldridge and Dejounte Murray?
KELDON JOHNSON: I feel I could play well with any players. I feel I’m not hard to play with. I feel I am very versatile. That’s one thing I take pride in is I bring a lot of energy and I’m hard-working.

So I think that we’ll get with them and we’ll sit down, and definitely I think that it’s one of the best programs in the world with developing players’ games. Get down there and work with player development and get ready for the grind.

Q. You’re coming from an environment where Kentucky is literally all of Lexington. San Antonio is very similar in that the Spurs essentially are San Antonio. How cool is that for you knowing that you’re going to somewhat of a similar environment where essentially the entire town just bleeds that silver and black passion?
KELDON JOHNSON: I’m used to it. I feel like at Kentucky, like you said, in Lexington, it’s the University of Kentucky. So going into here, I’m very excited. I’m ready to learn and work. Come in and be the best player I can be.


  1. I just love Keldon. He was so great at the Women’s Clinic with his winning smile and huge personality. They were not supposed to stop and talk to us, but I was able to get an individual picture with him. It may have broken the rules a little bit, but it told me he cared about individuals and how they felt. San Antonio fans will adore him.

    1. That is the kind of rule that needs to be broken Sarah

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