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Randall Cobb not surprised UK fans still remember 2009 loss to Tennessee when he didn’t get ball at the end

Randall Cobb (UK Athletics Photo)


Ask Randall Cobb about his favorite memories at Kentucky and he’ll think back to the win over Arkansas his freshman year, his first collegiate touchdown or the win over South Carolina his junior year.

“But all three years had a lot of special memories for me,” said Cobb.

However, one game he doesn’t think about is a 27-24 overtime loss to Tennessee at the end of his sophomore season even though many long-time UK fans may never forget the end of regulation because Cobb did not get ball when the Cats had a chance to win.

Kentucky trailed 24-21 when it took over at the UT 37 with 2:21 to play. Cobb ran for 13, 9, 2 and 3 yards to move the ball to the 10-yard line with 1:16 to go. However, on second and 7, the ball went to Derrick Locke for a 2-yard gain. Almost every UK fan assumed on third and 5 at the 8-yard line that Cobb would get the ball with the chance to end the long losing streak to the Vols. Instead, Morgan Newton ran for two yards and UK kicked a game-tying field goal with 33 seconds left.

In overtime, Morgan Newton threw an incomplete pass, Locke lost six yards and Newton threw another interception before Lones Seiber missed a 49-yard field goal. Tennessee scored in four plays to win 30-24.

On UK’s final five offensive plays, Cobb didn’t touch the ball. He ran 18 times for 101 yards and caught four passes for 24 yards. Kentucky had 261 total yards and he accounted for 128 of them running, receiving and passing. He also had an 18-yard punt return and 43-yard kickoff return.

But when UK needed a touchdown to win the game, Kentucky coach Rich Brooks and offensive coordinator Joker Phillips did not give him the ball.

Does he have any regrets about that game?

“Not a regret because I was not calling plays,” Cobb said. “Not very often honestly do I think about those Kentucky days because I am so focused on the right now. I worry more about the present than the past. The past can make for a great story but the present is what worries me now. I like to live in the moment. I have things to accomplish.”

He played eight years with the Green Bay Packers but now is starting his first season with the Dallas Cowboys after signing as a free agent.

But Cobb is not surprised that Kentucky fans can still recall that 2009 loss to Tennessee.

“We had a long losing streak to Tennessee and it does not surprise me that the fans do remember,” Cobb said. “Kentucky fans are very passionate about football and they will probably remember that game for a long time.”


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  1. There have been a lot of great players pass through UofK , but BLUE EYES is my personal favorite…every time he touched the football, it was sheer excitement.

  2. Yeah, Cobb should have gotten the ball. I remember that game well. UK needs to pound UT this year. They are starting another streak, and UK seems to fall apart when they see the ugly A$$ orange football team. UT always seems to want it more.

    1. I agree. I kind of feel like Tennessee is a must-win this year

  3. Larry, you’re right, the TN game is a must win, but Pup is right too. We don’t bring our best effort and TN does. TN believes they are the better team and are supposed to beat us every time. I hate to say it, but TN does want it more.

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