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Reid Travis does some things “very well” but Jay Bilas does not expect him to be drafted

Reid Travis (Jeff Houchin Photo)


He was a two-time all-conference player averaging a double-double per game at Stanford when he decided to come to Kentucky as a graduate transfer in hopes of winning a national championship and also enhancing his NBA draft status.

Reid Travis played a significant role in Kentucky’s march to the Elite Eight. However, if ESPN analyst Jay Bilas is right, Travis won’t hear his name called during the NBA draft Thursday night.

“I think he’ll be undrafted. Reid was a great college player, another fantastic kid. Not a kid, he’s a man. A fantastic young man,” Bilas said.

Now comes the but …

But I think the game, the NBA game, has gone away from him being a draft pick. Sort of back to the basket big guy that’s undersized that does not play above the rim, is not a versatile defender,” Bilas said.

The ESPN analyst says with all Travis does well that he could “absolutely” still play in the NBA even if he is not drafted.

“I do not see him being drafted. Just the way the game has gone. 
You put him 15 years ago or something, he probably would be drafted. Maybe 10 years, whatever it is,” Bilas said.

“Now it’s a little bit more problematic for undersized low-post guys that play within 15 feet. It’s more of a spread game now. Your ability to switch out and defend on the perimeter, guard, screen roll situations, be able to shoot a three and all that. It’s just not what he does.

“The things he does well he does very well, but I’d be surprised if he were drafted. “


  1. Reid can still make a team as an undrafted free agent. He needs to keep in shape and go show teams the skills he displayed when PJ was hurt. It might take a year in the G league, but he could be a solid backup at the 4 spot.

  2. Still can make a team. ROFLMFAO! ! This is the same guy you said was better than Lottery pick PJ Washington. I mean this as no disrespect for Reid. Just laughing at you mando.

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