See what UK football players Landon Young, Boogie Waston and Calvin Taylor did on mission trip to Ethiopia (Ordinary Hero and UK Athletics Photos)


Kelly Putty is a Hopkinsville, Ky., native who went to Ethiopia in 2008 to adopt a child and had her “eyes opened” to the needs so many children had there and founded Ordinary Hero ( to advocate for more children there to get adopted and now works to help those in need of extra support.

Recently UK Athletics has joined forces with Ordinary Hero on the mission trip and in May three football players — Boogie Watson, Calvin Taylor and Landon Young — made the trip. Here’s what they did during their five days in Ethiopia:

— Delivered essential nutrition, supplies, hope and love to families living in Korah, a slum made up of all the trash accumulated in Addis Ababa. There are thousands of residents who live in the trash dump and rely on waste to provide for themselves. With the care packages they helped delivered, it could prevent them from digging for two weeks to a month.

— Visited an orphanage with approximately 80 children.

— Took teenagers from Korah to play arcade games and see the Avengers movie. The teens had never been out of their village, been in a movie theatre or even seen a movie.

— Took a group of less fortunate boys to experience their home country in ways they had never seen before. They traveled an hour into the countryside and visited a resort based around a small lake. The kids were mesmerized by the zoo where they were able to ride camels and enjoy a relaxing boat cruise.

— Paired with a feeding program that supplies meals to government schools in Cherkos, a poorer region in Addis Ababa. The program began as a result of kids fainting and lack of focus in the classroom due to malnutrition at home, often missing breakfast in the morning and at night only leaving them with one meal per day. They helped serve meals to the kids during lunch and played in the school yard during recess.  

Enjoy these photos from Ordinary Hero and UK Athletics from the trip — and the three players will hold a press conference Monday to share their Ethiopia experiences.

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