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Tyler Herro: “It was crazy to hear my name get called (13th in the draft)”

Tyler Herro, left, with coach John Calipari and former UK teammates PJ Washington and Keldon Johnson in Brooklyn Thursday night.


About a year ago Tyler Herro was not selected to play in the McDonald’s All-American Game where the nation’s top 24 players participate.

However, Thursday night he went 13th overall in the NBA draft to Miami after spending one season at Kentucky play for coach John Calipari. He’ll be joining former Cat Bam Adebayo with the Heat after his stock soar the last two months of the season and even more after he worked out for NBA teams.

Here’s what Herro had to say in Brooklyn after being picked by Miami:

Q. Could you just describe your style of play and what you’ll bring to your new team?
TYLER HERRO: I’m a 2 guard and I can bring shooting. I think I can stretch the floor. I bring toughness. I’m a leader. I bring defense as well. I think I’m going to surprise a lot of people.

Q. How nervous were you waiting for your name to be called?
TYLER HERRO: Not too nervous. I just controlled what I could control. I had pretty good workouts throughout the process, and I just let that take care of itself.

Q. You look handsome today. Who helped you in picking out your outfit?
TYLER HERRO: Just my stylist. She helped me just picked out different colors and different things.

Q. What do you know about Pat Riley?
TYLER HERRO: He’s a former Kentucky guy. Obviously he has a great tradition in Miami. What they’ve done, they’ve won a lot of games and a lot of series and championships.

Q. Did you get to meet him?
TYLER HERRO: Yes, sir.

Q. Did he make you nervous?

Q. What are you more excited about as a guy who grew up in Wisconsin, getting to spend warm winters or no state income tax in the state of Florida?
TYLER HERRO: Probably the warm weather. Finally get to spend some winters where it’s not too cold. I’m just excited to get to Miami and get started.

Q. You’re not going to miss the snow at all?
TYLER HERRO: Not at all.

Q. I was just wondering how you think your game fits with the Miami Heat roster?
TYLER HERRO: I think I can just bring shooting to stretch the floor. Really whatever the Heat need me to do, I think I can come in and do it. I’m happy to do whatever they need.

Q. When we talked to you yesterday, you said you didn’t know if you’d smile or cry when you got drafted. What were your reactions when you got drafted?
TYLER HERRO: It’s just a dream come true. It was crazy to hear my name get called, so it was just good vibes. I’m happy I got selected early.

Q. We saw you stretch the floor at Kentucky and you also show that you have a little bit of a handle and you can break people down, but getting to the basket in the NBA, how do you see yourself matching up with that physicality, getting to the basket? Or do you think there’s anything you need to work on in terms of finishing at the rim?
TYLER HERRO: Just getting stronger. I think obviously making the adjustment to playing against grown men in the NBA. It’s all a learning curve. It’ll be an experience that’s a new experience for me. I’ll take every day one step at a time and just learn something new every day.

Q. Getting drafted right after PJ, he was jumping up and down in the back on the radio set. How cool is it you guys are going back to back in the draft?
A. We talked about it actually, going back to back. That would be cool. Just happy that he got drafted. It was very cool to see him get drafted. I know how hard he works and how hard he wants it. I was happy to see him get picked.

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  1. Good stroke for Tyler, and PJ. Can’t say much for the suits.

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