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Tyler Herro was “perfect pick” for Miami

Tyler Herro (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky fans know that Tyler Herro was a knockdown shooter and could get on a roll at any time.

Miami Heat executives and coaches found out the same thing during a predraft workout that helped Miami decide to take Herro in the lottery last week — a few spots higher than many thought he might go.

“He shot the ball extremely well, but I think he shot the ball extremely well in most of his workouts,” Miami Heat president Pat Riley said.

How well?

“In one of our workouts, we have one particular shooting drill that not one of our guards in all the years that we’ve brought them in for workouts even came close to what he did,” Riley said. “And it usually takes the Ray Allens of the world and the Wayne Ellingtons of the world … it’s a challenging 3-point shooting drill, and he just buried it. He really did.

“I think he made his last 25 in a row or something like that … it was just a great workout he had.”

Riley insisted that was not the only reason Herro became the team’s first-round pick.

“We also had him rated very high … we’re excited about him. And we need him, so this is a perfect pick for us,” Riley, a former UK All-American, said.

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  1. Now that Calipari isn’t holding him back, Tyler will flourish just like Devin Booker has.

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