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UK commit Justin Rogers taking another visit just part of today’s recruiting world


Okay it has been almost two weeks since Kentucky pulled a football shocker when Justin Rogers, the top-ranked recruit in Michigan in the 2020 recruiting class, verbally committed to UK over Georgia (the school his mother favored), Tennessee, home-state Michigan, LSU and Alabama (a late addition to his list of finalists).

However, Saturday he tweeted that he was going to take another official visit — something he indicated he might do when he committed — and set off a panic with many UK fans.

Rogers did not indicate where he might visit. Alabama would seem the likely top choice since coach Nick Saban made a late pitch to Rogers just a few days before he visited Georgia and then committed to UK. Rogers never made an official visit to Alabama — or LSU or Michigan. He can take five official visits, so he has two more he could make.

Rogers, a top 10 player nationally in some recruiting rankings, has a former high school teammate — Marquan McCall — playing at Kentucky. Another current teammate, Enzo Jennings, is being recruited by UK now.

Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow couldn’t mention Rogers’ Twitter announcement. Instead, Marrow posted this tweet not long after Rogers announced he would take another visit:

“It’s ashamed some schools who are supposed to be traditional football schools are starting to recruit negative against us lol it’s not going to work and you know who you are. Go Big Blue.’

Ouch! Maybe double ouch!

But even without knowing who Marrow was directing his remarks at, anyone who is surprised that Rogers might take another visit or that other schools are going to keep recruiting him until he signs with UK or someone else in December just does not understand the reality of college football recruiting today.


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  1. What a bad break for Stoops. When a recruit commits, official visits should be over…period. The secrecy of where he is visiting is what makes this so worrisome for us. My guess is Alabama. If that’s right, don’t be surprised if Saban doesn’t steal one from Bob.

  2. I agree with Coach Marrow. I say he sticks with UK. If he don’t, they must press on. It is what it is.

  3. Just because it is what everyone is doing, does not make it right. My dad always told me the only true thing you have in life is your word, be very careful to make your word count as the man you truly are. Once you establish that your word has meaning and value, respect and honor will follow. What type of life you have is up to you and it starts with your word. Do not make a commitment until you are 100% sure and then stick to your word.

    I think they need to change the wording from commitment to favorite until signing day and neither party is obligated to honor it until signing is complete. This would more accurately display the true meaning of both parties.

  4. I think the recruiting rules should be changed too enforce a hard commitment means the same same as a signing. Your word is your bond, like Ben says. All should be fair game until a commitment is made, then stop on a hard commitment. This evens the playing field recruiting wise. It will probably never happen though.

    1. I agree Larry! Or let players commit and sign whenever they want to. The NCAA makes up all these arbitrary rules that put added pressure on teenagers that are not physically or mentally prepared to make and they wonder why problems exist. The NCAA needs to totally revise and simplify all their rules and regulations. They have become corrupt and part of the problem, much like our government.

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