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Vince Marrow: “Keep disrespecting us.”

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Braden Gall is an ESPN radio show host in Nashville and also an Athlon Sports host who covers Southeastern Conference football. He posted his 2019 SEC quarterback rankings and has Kentucky’s Terry Wilson — who went 10-3 last season — as the 14th best quarterback in the league this season.

Kentucky fans obviously didn’t like it and he tried to smooth it over some by saying it showed more about the depth of quarterback play in the SEC than it did about Wilson’s play.

Here are few comments posted on Twitter by UK fans:

— Carter Hall (@BluegrassRec): “Keep sleeping on Wilson! I appreciate the motivation.”

— James Willis (@Jameswill988): Wilson 14 give me break he took his team to 10-3 record his first season in sec he top five easy. Keep sleeping on us.”

Say amen Vince Marrow.

The Kentucky recruiting coordinator thinks NFL teams were “sleeping” on some UK players in the draft. He thinks national media members are “sleeping” on UK when it comes to rankings.

But deep down, he kind of also likes those slights because of the motivation it provides for his team.

“You even see this in preseason rankings, I saw Terry Wilson as the 12th rated quarterback in the SEC,” Marrow said in reference to another preseason quarterback poll. “I tell you what, I love this stuff.

“I love it because it goes back to when Texas was playing USC (for the national title) and USC was getting all that hype and (Texas coach) Mack Brown was saying thank you to the media because he didn’t have to get his team up.

“I am telling you. Our players see it. I see it. I really do believe that the Kentucky stigma impacts that. We should have had more guys drafted. No doubt in my mind about that. One of head scouts told me he thought we would have nine or 10 guys.

“I still think is that Kentucky, I don’t know. People just keep disrespecting us. The season is right around the corner. We will take care of that very soon. I think our players are starting to get a little ticked off and so am I.”


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  1. I think DeMarcus Cousins’ recent expletives are appropriate for people who are disrespectful of Kentucky’s football program.

    1. Good one Hope

  2. It is very hard to rank someone like Wilson because UK did not go 10-3 “because” of Wilson. They went 10-3 because of Snell and a very good defense. Snell’s numbers passing the ball are not impressive and his turnovers don’t help either. Until I see improvement in his passing and holding on to the ball, I would have to rate him between 8-10.
    Thing is, all these ratings will change once the season starts.
    That’s why you play the game.

    1. It don’t matter what Gall thinks. I say Wilson will be ready.

    2. I mean I understand what your trying to say OldFan, but that’s a gross over simplification. Case in point, without Terry, we don’t win the Florida game or the Missouri game at the end. So Terry was apart of us getting 10 wins.

  3. It is a team game, and Wilson made his contributions to 10-3. He will again this year

  4. Lets face it, between Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, and Miss.St., they don’t want anyone else crashing the party. Even if Wilson kicks their butts, it won’t be acknowledged. They won’t throw us a bone until we drill Georgia, Tenn., and Fla. several times in a row…just is not going to happen. I’ve seen more questionable and late call flags through the years, than Carter has liver pills…beating them both in football and basketball is just too much for them to swallow. I lived in Georgia and attended the game when Kentucky thrashed the bull dawgs in front of the then Prince of England, and they called us thugs, cheaters and everything but the kitchen sink for over three years, while smuggly ignoring the famous saying, “you ain’t trying, if you ain’t cheatin”, which is part of the recruiting history in the deep south. History is written by the victors and until we are the victors, guys like Terry won’t get the recognition they earn.

  5. Careful hfb, the rah rahs don’t like anyone who speaks the truth.

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