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What did Calipari think of UK players’ fashion statement at NBA Draft?

John Calipari was a bit under dressed compared to his players at the NBA Draft. (UK Athletics Photo)


Let me quickly admit I knew I was way too old to appreciate the attire Kentucky players PJ Washington, Tyler Herro and Keldon Johnson wore at the NBA Draft. I knew better than to even comment because I knew fashion was  not close to my area of expertise.

But what did Kentucky coach John Calipari think of what his players wore? Apparently he’s about as in tune with fashion as  me.

“As I’ve gotten younger I’m not using the – I do the cargo shorts, I think. What are these? Are these cargo? What are cargos?” Calipari said during his post draft press conference.

Sports information director Eric Lindsey told him cargo shorts have pockets on the side and equipment manager Mark Evans told the coach he wears Tommy Bahama gear.

“I don’t even know what cargos are. My jeans – I used to wear those (dad jeans). But they – I laughed when I saw them, especially Tyler. I looked at PJ and thought PJ’s was pretty cool. I thought Keldon’s was nice. I didn’t know he was taking the jacket off. And then I said to Tyler, ‘A little bit much for me, that one,'” Calipari said.

“But I think that’s the new thing now in the draft, everybody making a statement with what they’re dressing, which is neat for the kids.”

It wasn’t just the players who were dressed to make a fashion statement. So were their parents and families.

“It’s a graduation. It’s a celebration. It is a long time coming,” Calipari said.

“People say, ‘Why do you go?’ To be there, to help them, to help them to celebrate, but also with what happened to Keldon (dropping to a late first-round pick), to be there fighting like crazy to make sure whatever is going to happen, how do we help if we can.”

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  1. Herro’s suit was plain awful for these eyes, but what do I know.

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