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Benny Snell will be missed, but John Schlarman thinks UK running game will be just fine next season

A.J. Rose (Wade Upchurch Photo)


What will it be like for Kentucky’s offensive line not to have Benny Snell running the football?

“That is a great question,” UK offensive line coach John Schlarman admitted.

Snell had three straight 1,000-yard rushing seasons and became UK’s all-time career rushing leader. He’s now in the NFL after being drafted in the fourth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I am excited about the running backs that we are going to be blocking for. Those guys have showed a lot of talent with A.J. (Rose), (Kavosiey) Smoke and (Chris)Rodriguez,” Schlarman said.

Schlarmann, a former UK offensive lineman, says a lineman’s mentality doesn’t change regardless of who is running the football.

“Obviously a guy like Benny can make you look good at times but I think they guys we have got are going to make us look good at times, too,” Schlarman said. “I don’t think for those guys (in the line) anything has really changed mentality-wise.

“Will we miss Benny and the things he brought to the table? I am sure we will. But it is like what do you do next? Different year. Every year is like that. You have some pieces that move on, you have some returning and then you have some new ones. I think it is just a matter of seeing how it all fits together and I am confident it will fit together just fine.”


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  1. Can’t wait for the season get started. Doesn’t get here sooner enough. Go cats!!

    1. Amen to that Cats79. UK will be alright.

  2. The real question for us in this upcoming season is if Terry Wilson can take the next step and become a more consistent passer/decision maker. This alone will determine if the dominoes fall in our favor or against us. Our schedule could not be any better. I hope Terry is ready to be the tip of the spear because Stoops will stick with him come hell or high water.

    1. Very true Carmandoo. If he gets it going, could be a really good season again

    2. Terry has the best single season winning record since I graduated high school 79. Just like last year when he was maligned repeatedly and was once told by someone here he would be a better punt returner(LOL). UK needs a complete team. UK proved last year what happens when all parts contribute to the whole. Not just the quarterback, running back or defense but special teams in every aspect of special teams. If the running games plays out like the above article suggest. Terry only needs to not hurt us. Sticking with TD Terry all season when the whiners kept screaming for him to be pulled shows that the coaching staff knows way more than the whiners and the results speak for themselves. He may not have had the numbers of some of our more celebrated QB’s but he has something that NONE of them have. A win at Florida, a 10 Win season and a New Years day bowl victory. And that is a non disputable fact.

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