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De-commit is not a word that top junior lineman Jager Burton will use

Jager Burton ( Photo)


So many high school football players commit to a school and then de-commit a few months later that is has almost become the new norm.

One player I don’t think you will have to worry about doing that is 6-3, 270-pound junior offensive lineman Jager Burton of Frederick Douglas High School.

He has a bevy of offers already that include Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Kentucky, Oregon, Penn State, West Virginia and many, many more.

“I don’t want to de-commit. I don’t like how that looks,” Burton said. ” Whenever I make a decision, I want to be 100 percent sure that is where I want to go and start getting guys together to go with me.”

Remember when that used to be a standard attitude. But not any more. However, he’s cut from the same  mold as Landon Young, Kash Daniel and Drake Jackson, three in-state players who made early commitments to UK, never wavered and have helped elevate the UK program.

So why do so many players de-commit?

“I understand it from the standpoint of there are only so many roster spots. Schools that maybe you have a scholarship offer from, coaches might say we are only taking three O-linemen and we have two that are getting ready to commit so that only leaves one spot left. They say, ‘You take that spot or you won’t have a spot,’ Burton said.

“Whether or not it is true and whether or not they are trying to get them to commit is different. Some kids will commit to save their spot and then they realize the school took five O-linemen and they feel betrayed and go somewhere else. Stuff like that happens all the time.”

Yes it apparently does and Burton’s explanation helps explains why. Still, I just don’t think when Burton makes his choice that you will have to worry about any de-commit from him.

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  1. Hey Jager, the home state is always first in line-Go Cats.

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