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Does CBD oil work? Wild Health CBD Oil has been great for my aches, pains — and I have a chance for you to save money

Using Wild Health CBD oil has me feeling better than ever after I run.


Let me be the first to admit I knew next to nothing about CBD oil when I was offered a chance to use Wild Health CBD to see if I liked it.

At age 67, it seems like I have more aches and pains every day. I knew that I had friends who swore CBD oil have relieved certain muscle pains. I learned that CBD is one of several compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant and that CBD oils are oils that contain concentrations of CBD.

From what I could tell, CBD offers a more natural remedy for stiffness and pain than prescribed drugs.

Why Wild Health?

It is developed from pure Kentucky product and supervised and formulated from seed to stem by a group of academic physicians and PhD scientists. The company’s doctors and scientists have had education and faculty appointments at UK, Harvard, Princeton and UC San Diego. To me, that’s clinical and academic credibility.

But would it work for me? After taking CBD oil for five days, count me as a believer. My back is not as sore. After I run, my knees are not aching like they did before.

I’ve got a lot of feedback on social media since posting that I was using it.

“I was unsure of how much it helped … until I ran out for two weeks. I was miserable. Life changing stuff for me,” Bethany A. Sydnor told me on Twitter.

Terry Spradlin called it a “fountain of youth.” Former UK football walk-on Dan Hopewell called it “good stuff.” Justin Smothers told me his grandmother started using CBD a few months ago. “She moves around like she did 20 years ago,” he said.

Several friends told me they worried using CBD might lead to them failing a drug test and losing a job. I asked my doctor friends about that.

I was told first it depends on the type of drug test and for a cannabinoid screening test, there is a chance of testing positive because the tests do not differentiate CBD from THC. That necessitates a confirmation test that can specifically identify THC from CBD and that can take time.

I was told the THC content in the in Wild Health CBD is about 0.25 percent compared to a 10 percent THC in some other CBD oils.

“If taken as directed, the likelihood of failing a drug test due to Wild Health CBD oil is vanishingly small,” one doctor told me.

I am using the WH CBD 500mg, 30mL which sells for $54.95 at There is also a sleep blend which sells for more but since I have no trouble sleeping, I didn’t choose that.

My friends are all UK fans and told me if I liked the product, they would give readers a 10 percent discount by using the code Larry10 at checkout. I tried it today and it works perfectly to save you $5.50 on the product I am using.

Will it work for you? I don’t know. All I know is that it is working great for me and if you are using CBD oil now or have been contemplating giving it a try, I would say give Wild Health CBD Oil a shot and use the coupon code Larry10 to save yourself a few dollars.

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