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Former Troy quarterback Sawyer Smith officially enrolled at Kentucky now


LEXINGTON, Ky. – Former Troy quarterback Sawyer Smith has enrolled at Kentucky as a graduate transfer and will be eligible to play the 2019 season, it was announced on Monday. He will have two seasons of eligibility remaining.

“We’re excited to have Sawyer join our program,” head coach Mark Stoops said. “It’s great to add a quarterback with his experience and success. He helped lead Troy to an outstanding season last year and we’re glad to have him here.”

Smith, from Cantonment, Florida, played in all 13 games last season for Troy, starting the final seven games for coach Neal Brown, a former Kentucky wide receiver and offensive coordinator. Smith went 5-2 as the starter, completing 144-of-229 passes for 1,669 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also rushed for 191 yards and a score.

The 6-foot-3, 219-pounder will graduate from Troy in July 2019 with a degree in social science and will work on a master’s degree in sport leadership at UK.

In 2018, Smith helped settle the Trojans after starter Kaleb Barker was lost for the season to a knee injury. He was named Most Valuable Player of the Dollar General Bowl after leading Troy to a 42-32 win over Buffalo. In that game, Smith completed 31-of-44 passes for 320 yards and four touchdowns.

Smith appeared in six games as a freshman in 2016 before redshirting the 2017 season. At Tate (Fla.) High School he was a two-time Pensacola News Journal All-Area pick, all-state as a senior and combined to pass for 5,627 yards and 47 touchdowns his final two seasons.


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  1. Seems like a very good pick-up for the team. He seems to have the good physicals and stats to match. Personally, I would trust Brownie’s QB evaluation than I would Gran’s. Can’t wait to get this season kicked off. Some folks are saying we could get 9 W’s this year which I feel is too high. I feel that I would be satisfied if we got 7 but we have to beat UT to keep another streak from starting and show we really belong. A streak I would like to see broken is the hold that MSU has had on us. Starkville has out-recruited, out-coached, and out-played Lexington for too many years now and very incomprehensible. Welcome to the team Sawyer, and I hope you do earn a legitimate opportunity to compete for starting job.

    1. I am with you on this Mike

    2. Mike I’m not with you on this. We have a proven coach who is excited about his team and you know something he doesn’t? Tell us what that is. Are you at practice sir? If you aware then you should share that which you see at practice. I don’t think you are sir! I’m not sleeping on my team Mike. Our coaches think we’re going to be good. So do I Mike! Louisville needs fans! Go for them!
      As for me … Go Big Blue!! Our own fans asleep at the keyboard!

      1. Sir….you run your campaign, and I will run mine. Rah Rah!

      2. Hey Bowman 1, welcome! I have not seen you on this site before. Let me say that old Mike didn’t like Neal Brown when he was here, thus he came up with the name Brownie, he complained about Shannon Dawson, and wanted him gone, and got his wish. A big mistake by Stoops IMO, and now he don’t like Gran even after a 10 win season and several straight bowl appearances for UK. He will complain about the next guy too should Gran leave the program. Let’s switch to roundball because he ain’t real big on Calipari either, as you will see if you follow this blog daily. But hey it’s a free country. He has a right to pop off and be wrong if he wants too. We just try to tolerate his views as best we can, it’s hard, lol! Larry V likes harmony on this site so I am learning to be nice. I do agree with Mike that it is time for Stoops to pound Tennessee. He is right about the new streak happening should they beat UK again this year.

        1. I meant Boman1, sorry about the misspelling of your handle. Thanks for your post. We need all the Rah Rah’s we can get. If you support UK you are called a Rah Rah by a couple on here. Imagine that?

        2. Does anyone suck up more on this site than you do?…I think not. You continue to be so insecure but that is what I like about you…rah, rah!

          1. Read it and weep Mike. You sort of sound like you are losing it my man. I am worried about you. Just expressing my views in agreeing with another good UK fan in Boman1, and you cry like a little girl. Boman1 sounds like a good Rah Rah to me. He got it right. You just can’t take the heat.

            Now, back to the article. I’m glad Sawyer Smith is in the fold, but I don’t think he can shake Wilson as the starter unless Wilson goes down. He is also an unproven asset at UK thus far, so we shall see how it shakes out, but Wilson is the starter for good reason. He lead them to 10 victories.

      3. Thanks for the comments Boman1. Hope to see you commenting even more

  2. Make no mistake about it…there will not be competition for the starting quarterback job….Terry Wilson is Stoops guy until he gets hurt and can’t play. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it will be the only way Sawyer will see any meaningful playing time this season. The season is a new one and I hope Terry comes in with better decision making and better passing. If he does, we could very well see 8 to 9 wins this year. If he hasn’t improved, our win total could very well be in the 5 to 6 range. We have a very favorable schedule, but the SEC teams we beat last year have all gotten better and the 3 we didn’t beat have gotten better too. The post Snell era will have an interesting start. I think we have gotten better in spots and may have regressed in others, but its all speculation until we take the field. This will be Stoops year to show his system is working or realize that we will always be an also ran in SEC football. I would feel better about the former outcome is Eddy Gran was gone. Gran can’t count on sneaking up on anyone this year. We have to go out on the field with the goal to win versus not losing. Our season will be shaped by the first 4 games. I hope we get off to a good start.

  3. I am amazed that a UK starting QB with the most wins since 79 still has doubters and detractors. Duped by Stoops and Pukemadoo you guys are total TROLLS. He has EARNED the right to start and there will be nor should there be a QB competition. Not losing is winning you moron Idiots we won ten games not 6, 7 or 8 ten. How do you know we regressed. Fill us in on your insights to the team.
    Tell us when you were at a practice. You cry babies are always crying. Wah Wah Wah.

    1. What a Rah Rah. Anyone who watched us play last year knows that Wilson’s play slowly, but surely got shakier and shakier after the brilliant game he had against Florida. There is a huge difference in playing to win versus playing not to lose, but a Rah Rah like you wouldn’t have a clue about that. When the season is over, you will be proven the idiot, regardless of the season’s outcome.

    2. I am a Terry Wilson fan. Only seen two quarterbacks in my 40 some years covering UK win 10 games. Enough said

      1. Ditto Larry V. Wilson has earned it.

  4. You gotta appreciate what Terry Wilson did for us last year and he’ll do even better this year. The kid was just a sophomore geeze and did exceptional well for a sophomore.

  5. Why thanks Mike. I will try to keep up the good work. Glad too help. Now go post some more negativity, you are good at that.

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