Jacob Tamme was “favorite” of current linebacker Kash Daniel

Jacob Tamme (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Growing up in Paintsville, there really was not a chance that Kash Daniel was not going to come to Kentucky after he got a scholarship offer from the Wildcats.

He was part of an in-state Terrific Trio with Landon Young and Drake Jackson that committed early to UK, never wavered in their commitment and have been a huge part of coach Mark Stoops’ program improvement.

Daniel obviously grew up looking up to various UK players.

“As a kid growing up and watching Kentucky, one guy you thought of is Jacob Tamme. You know a Kentucky boy from Boyle County, how he conducted himself not only on the field, but off the field as well and how hard he played. So Jacob was always a favorite of mine,” Daniel said.

Tamme was an all-SEC tight end who played nine years in the NFL and was on three teams that reached the Super Bowl. He shared the same passion for UK as a kid that Daniel did — and both still have it.

There were others, though, that Daniel paid attention to when he watched  UK.

“Obviously, Randall Cobb or Andre’ Woodson, just because of how infamous those guys were in playmaking,” Daniel said. “What Randall has been able to do with the Packers and now the Cowboys. It i s just unreal what those guys have done.

“In the games where I was there to actually see them play, no matter what happens I’ll never be able to forget that.”

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