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John Calipari “kept it 100 percent truthful” with Jalen Green and player wants to explore his options with UK

Jalen Green (USA Basketball)


Jalen Green got one of Kentucky’s earliest scholarship offers in the 2020 class but some other players did get UK scholarship offers before him. That puzzled the player a bit but the family had a “conversation” with UK coaches to make sure he was the priority there he had been led to believe.

“He grew up following Kentucky,” Marcus Green, Jalen’s trainer, said. “Kentucky is one of his dream schools. One thing I told coach Cal was that it was rough on him because he offered some other players before him and Jalen was ranked No. 1 (in the 2020 class at that time).

“Calipari broke it down for him and kept it 100 percent truthful. That’s why he has put Kentucky in the spot it is now and that remains his dream school.”

Jalen Green has visited Florida State and Memphis. He’s indicated Oregon has been very active in recruiting him, too.

“We are hoping for someone who is honest and trustful with us about everything,” Marcus Green said when asked about what might be the deciding factor in Jalen’s college choice. “We want someone who will hold Jalen accountable but if something goes wrong will also hold himself accountable.”

Jalen Green definitely will make an official visit to Kentucky. Plans were on hold until he finishes playing for USA Basketball. Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus went to Greece to watch the USA under 19 team play. Green is not the only player he was there to watch but don’t doubt Green was the big reason Justus made the trip.

“That is his dream school and one of his priorities is to make sure he explores that in depth,” Marcus Green said. “Then if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.

“But he really wants to explore that option. I already know the Kentucky fan base will be encouraging him that is a good place for him because their support is unbelievable. We’ve seen that.”

* * *

Green and his Prolific Prep teammates will play at Marshall County Hoopfest and McCracken County Mustang Madness next season as well as possible two more events in Kentucky.


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  1. Wow, 100% truthful? I guess that means he told them that he can’t coach, can’t develop players, and is only coaching here because a bunch of Rah Rahs are afraid of getting another Billy Clyde. If a kid wants to come here, he will come here, but this family is putting too many “if things work out” into this story. Can you Rah Rahs say “Whiff” AGAIN?

  2. Just read that the other Jalen (Johnson) committed to Puke yesterday. UK was also his dream school growing up. Coach K continues to play with and own Cal when it comes to recruiting. Cal continues the slide. This ought to make the Pup’s day….rah rah!!

  3. You don’t get all the big fish in the pond.. Besides if you did doesn’t guarantee a champion ship banner will be hanging.. Coach K. Had what everybody was saying the dream team and they fail to make it to the final four last year.

    1. So true! Cal can win sometimes with top 10 Talent and keep them in the League for years. Trying to make anything from a 17-18 year old decision, will just drive you crazy! Great teams will average 1 championship per ten years on average. Some teams with talent, never win a championship. It takes luck as well as skill and that is what makes it so special. When it ceases to be fun, it is time to give it up. Cal has certainly made it fun and has given us a chance each year! You cannot not expect more.

      1. Words of wisdom Ben. Never can understand why most fans don’t understand the luck facotr in winning a title — just luck at Virginia this year and that’s no knock on Virginia. Just a fact

    2. As usual you two sound real happy. Duke is there for you Mike, reach out and claim that vacant fan spot. Where did you play Mike? Never missed a shot, right? Names please Catmandoo, just for the record here on VV’s. We won’t tell. Lifetime Cal, No. 9 soon coming. Has a nice ring to it don’t it.

      1. Pup….in your head again?…seems to be a lot of empty space there!

        1. That is all you got Mike, just insults? I think we all know who is in somebody’s head here. Where did you play Mike? Tell us your story. You have to have a stellar athletic past as much as you pop off on here.

            • Mike on July 5, 2019 at 8:05 pm

            Pup…..why don’t you man-up and stop your whining? Reverse psychology not working too well for you either.

      2. Pup,
        Calipari is on his way out! The door just hasn’t hit him in his azz yet, but it will in 2 to 3 more years. All of you Rah Rahs can make only so many excuses for his decline in recruiting and his lack of national titles. In fact, you phonies will be the ones who will turn on him the hardest once you realize that he is never going to get us to another Final 4, much less win another national title. Rah Rah Rah.

        1. Like Ben and Larry said there’s three main factors of winning it all. Luck of how the ball bounces and how the referees are calling the game . The third one is you have to be injury free. Cal has given us more joy the past 10 years since the Rick Pitino era and he will deliver more of it. In the last few years as the UK coach.

        2. Keep digging that hole Catmandoo. We’ll see. Oh, tell us the names please.

        3. 07/05/2019
          Catmandoo says in reference to Calipari,
          “…he is never going to get us to another Final 4, much less win another national title”.

          I’m saving that quote in the archives for later replay.

          1. Me too Hornet. When Cal takes his team to the top of the mountain, for No. 9, we will probably have heard the last from old Catmandoo and Mike for a long time on VV’s That hole they have dug is too deep on this site.

  4. The downright ignorance some “fans” (I use the term loosely) makes me wonder why they bother to come around here. Maybe they’re lobbying for the head coaching gig at UK and they figure they need to knock down the competition to give them a shot. I’d be curious to see their coaching record since they claim to be so knowledgeable about such things. If they ever coached a jr. high team I’d be surprised.

    Anyone who doesn’t realize coaches don’t come any better than Cal is just not playing with a full set of tiddlywinks. I wouldn’t trade Cal for ANY coach in the sport. Does he have the same kind of pull as that team with the national media in their pocket? No, he doesn’t. The best recruiting class rarely wins BTW and I don’t care if you do have the top 3 players in a class.

    The media can print 10 new articles about their star every day. It may bring in top recruits. It does not win games for you. It does not develop your players. Personally I’m amazed that recruits are dumb enough to fall for their bull at that school. With pretty much zero influence in the NBA ranks I can’t imagine a player thinking it’s best to play there. And I’ll give odds their super hero will not produce in that league like they expect.

    Two words for them – Lonzo Ball. The media had him pegged as a star. They still try to sell that dud as a good player. He shoots under 45% from the FT line. I can do better with my off hand and my eyes closed and that isn’t an exaggeration. And he’s a NBA PG making millions?

    Hype only works for a while. Sooner or later people catch on that you are promoting your favorite team and you never report things fairly. The national media has it in for UK much of the time and that hurts UK recruiting. That is the bottom line. If you have the national press making you out to be the next NBA MVP you have a good reason for making that choice even if it’s the wrong thing to do.

    1. KG….Sir….you are correct. The national media not only has it in for UK but Coach Cal as well.

      1. Good try Mike in your attempt to butter up a real UK fan, but read KG’s first sentence in his first paragraph as he addressed certain so called UK fans. Could he have been referring to the same two who above first posted negative remarks on this article. He nailed it. I would suggest he is talking about you and Catmandoo with your constant berating of UK’s HOF coach. His recruiting, his player development, his record, etc. etc. and it is 24/7 by the way. He is right about the national media, we all agree on that. But back to you, tell us Mike, where did you strap on the shoulder pads? Hit the hardwood? What is your story? You talk a good game, and love to berate many UK athletes and coaches on here all the time. Just wondering. Duke is looking for a few good fans, and you seem to levitate to old coach K a lot by your constant comparison to Cal’s, according to you two, shortcomings.

        1. You really are a very weak and insecure individual! You might try therapy. Please knock off the “We” and dial back sensitivity meter. I don’t think you are impressing anyone except yourself. You used to be a decent guy…..not sure what took you off the rails. Rah Rah. You are only a genius in your own limited mind.

          1. I think I hit a nerve Mikey. Do I hear crying? Poor Mikey. All you can do is resort to personal attacks. That is all you got boy. I don’t claim to be a genius, just a fan. I just respond to your constant negative attitude toward everything UK sports. Just expressing my opinion about your’s. Again, tell us your story oh great one. You brought this on yourself. We’re all ears.

  5. Mike I don’t think national media is on Coac Cal as much they are on UK. The media has been on UK long before me and you were.even born.

  6. This bickering reminds me of Ali- Joe Frazier press conference. Lol! Aww the good old days when sports was was sports not the money.

  7. A simple reminder for the uninformed. Cal said this would happen. It’s called the Kentucky effect. If people remember correctly when Cal 1st arrived the coach at puke said he was not going to recruit OAD players. But after watching Cal go to Final 4’s and win it all. He changed his mind. Wow. Cal saw that coming. As to players after Cal won with these OAD guys the players started listening to coaches saying ” I can do that with your help”. Then you saw top guys going to places like LSU or Missouri in effort to get the gold before they get paid. We see how that worked out. Since Cal was the architect of the road to winning with young guys he deserves the credit. All the rest are just caught up in “THE KENTUCKY EFFECT” it’s what brought Avery Johnson to Alabama. How did that work out? So the fact that we are losing some players to other teams is a direct result of the success that Cal has had with these guys and everyone from coaches to players are trying to repeat it. Rah Rah Rah!

  8. Pup….there you go again with “We”. You must have been abused as a child on the playground and haven’t fully recovered. You just can’t handle truth and facts..LOL

    1. I thought that something you might say Mikey. ” We” are the rest of us here on VV’s that generally support team and coach when they are doing a great job, as Cal and Stoops are. Oh, I will agree there is a time to complain, but it ain’t now. That is why the two of you (Mikey and Catman) named the rest of us Rah Rah’s, right? Mike you can dish it out to others real easy, but you can’t take the heat. That is why you go personal when you are called out. I would like to see you or Catman either one, go up to one of Cal’s elite athletes and talk all your nonsense. It is real easy to hide behind a computer screen. Where did you play the game Mikey? Give us the names Catman.

      1. I am not sure that I really enjoy being in your head this much but will try. Am shocked that you really are this emotionally immature and insecure. Ypu are exposed to ALL.

        1. OK Mikey whatever, but tell us……..silence……..more silence. Just insults, and more insults. I know who is in somebody’s head. By the way, you is spelled “YOU.” What, are you nervous, maybe upset? Forgot how to spell. Give us some more negativity. You are good at that. But where did you play or coach the game to get all that experience and knowledge that qualifies you to trash a great HOF coach and his players? Come on, spill the beans. Tell us.

  9. Easy guys Mr. Vaught did say be nice. It’s ok have a conservation but not attacking each other. Yes I. was guilty of doing it at times. But no more from me I enjoy the insights that Larry give us everyday and I don’t want lose it over silly insults that’s occurring on this site.

    1. Right on Cats79, you are right. And if Larry V blocks me I’m good with it. He has every right. But to constantly hear their BS on a UK support site is hard not to respond to with vigor, especially with the major programs at UK sailing smoothly. Peace my brother.

      1. I don’t want to block anyone but I do think points have been made, everyone knows who likes what Cal is doing and who doesn’t, so let’s just move on. Obviously no one is going to change anyone’s mind. Let’s just comment on more than whether Cal can or can’t coach, will or won’t win a title, can or can’t recruit top players.

  10. Pup, that will be up to Mr.Vaught weather he can block someone from attacking our beloved Cats. But we do live in a nation that has given too much enterprise of saying harsh words. Everybody got there opinion. weather we like it or not but there is a fine line when it comes out insulting a person on internet it’s call bullying now a days.

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