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Logan Stenberg, Lynn Bowden said right things at SEC Media Days

Logan Stenberg managed to have some fun at SEC Media Days but he’s all business when it comes to next season. (UK Athletics Photo)


I didn’t go to Southeastern Conference Media Days but watching online interviews and checking the SEC quotes posted online, a couple of comments from Kentucky players stood out to me.

First there was offensive guard Logan Stenberg, who could be UK’s best player this year, talking about being named a second team All-American.

“It i s an honor. It’s awesome, but it doesn’t mean anything,”  Stenberg said. “We are going to go to work this year. It is only an accolade, and it is preseason, so it doesn’t mean anything at this point.

“It is really just putting more pressure on me, to be honest with you. So we a re going to take that and do great things this year, and hopefully get that accolade at the end of the year when it means something.”

Coming off a 10-win season and being projected as a possible high draft pick, Stenberg obviously has not let a huge preseason honor change his approach — and that’s big when one of a team’s best players has that attitude and determination.

Receiver Lynn Bowden, who should be UK’s most dynamic playmaker, is obviously a big fan of offensive coordinator Eddie Gran, who often is criticized by some UK fans for being too conservative. He was rumored to have turned down a job offer from Georgia to stay at UK.

“Everything is about chemistry, and I think that’s why coach Gran didn’t leave. He had the chemistry with us,” Bowden said. “He built the bond and relationship he has with the whole team. That’s my guy. I really respect him for doing that.”

It should make Gran’s job easier this year that after two seasons making the transition from high school quarterback to SEC receiver, Bowden says he finally knows all about the offense.

“I know the offense like the back of my hand. If they were to call something right now, I know everybody’s position in line, quarterback, running back, and receiver. Just being able to know all that makes my job easier, and I can help everybody else on the field,” Bowden said.


  1. Another conundrum.
    Who to believe. A “couch coach” writing from moms basement, Catdoodoo , or Bowden . What to do , who to believe ?

    1. Ain’t it so, I believe I will go with Bowden.

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