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No early decision by B.J. Boston could be good or bad for Kentucky


Georgia guard B.J. Boston is a 6-6 athletic scoring wing player who has a scholarship list of offers from most of the nation’s elite programs, including Duke and Kentucky.

He’s terrific at getting inside the lane to score but also is a solid 3-point shooter and you play shooting guard or small foward equally well.

At times Boston has seemed to be a big recruiting priority for Kentucky coach John Calipari. recruiting writer Krysten Peek believes Duke could be the team to beat for Boston. The Blue Devils had three coaches at this first Peach Jam game to let him know how important he is to Duke.

“His game really looks good. His turnaround jumper looks great,” Peek said. “I love it when I see a player in the 10th grade and see his potential and then by this age he’s starting to get more feisty and more talkative. He’s really matured.”

Peek doesn’t expect Boston to make his college choice in the spring, which could be good or bad for Kentucky.

“There are like 1,000 guards at Kentucky now and they can’t all go to the NBA (next year),” Peek said. “If you don’t have Ashton Hagans or Tyrese Maxey go to the NBA, then Kentucky might be looking good. If none of those guards go to the NBA, then he likely would not pick Kentucky.”

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