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Players like Jalen Green notice when coach comes overseas to watch him play

Jalen Green (USA Basketball)


Kentucky’s top recruiting target in the 2020 class appears to be 6-7 Jalen Green of California, a versatile player who can play multiple positions as he’s doing now for Team USA in the FIBA Under 19 World Championship in Greece.

“I have known him since he was a freshman,” said recruiting writer Krysten Peek. “The last couple of years he was the No. 1 player in the country in his class. He’s sitting third or fourth now, but he’s a great player. Don’t doubt that.

“I love the way he plays. He is so athletic. He has a really high release on his jump shot. Kentucky definitely is in the mix for him. He’s not really come out and narrowed his list way down, but Kentucky is right there and will stay there I think.”

Kentucky sent assistant coach Joel Justus to Greece to watch Green and several others play in the elite international competition. Peek says players pay attention to extra attention like that.

“Players notice when they go overseas and coaches are still there to watch them play,” Peek said. “They pay attention and know that means they are a priority for that coach and school.

“It might seem like a long way for a coach to go to watch a player he has seen numerous time, but players notice and coaches know that. It’s just a smart thing for schools like Kentucky to do to show a player how much they really want him.”

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