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Terry Wilson ready to show he’s an even better quarterback

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky  junior Terry Wilson was not one of the quarterbacks named to the preseason all-Southeastern Conference team. In fact, one sportswriter ranked him as the 14th best quarterback in the 14-team SEC and another preseason publication rated him as only the nation’s 73rd best quarterback — about 30 spots behind Sawyer Smith who transferred from Troy to Kentucky.

Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow just laughs and shakes his head about the lack of respect he sees for Wilson, who led UK to a 10-3 record last year.

“Terry Wilson is going to make the biggest jump this year just like (former UK quarterback) Stephen Johnson did his second year as a starter,” Marrow said. “Terry has unbelievable talent.

“He has everything you need in a great quarterback. He can throw and he can run. We have a lot of guys just waiting to show who they are this year and Terry is one of them. You didn’t get close to seeing all he could do last year.”

Junior receiver Lynn Bowden expects a lot more from his quarterback this year, too.

“Terry’s developing as a true quarterback, not just a running quarterback. We work every day, me and him, just throwing the deep ball,” Bowden said at the SEC Media Days. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect on some of the deep balls last year throughout the whole season.

“So this year, our main focus as a whole receiving corps and quarterback corps, we just want to focus on connecting the deep ball. Losing (running back) Benny (Snell) .. Benny was a good player. Some of the running backs this year coming up are going to be just as good as him.”


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  1. All the chatter from the talking heads and ink merchants means nothing. What does matter is what players do on the gridiron on Saturdays from the end of August through January

    None of us know what this team will accomplish, but I believe this UK team will outperform nearly every preseason forecast I have seen (perhaps even my own), and when all the dust settles on the 2019 season in mid January, I believe the football world will be shaking their collective heads trying to figure out what smoke and mirrors Coach Mark Stoops and his troops used to fool everyone this season, just like they did after last season.

  2. At the end of the season Terry Wilson will be one of the top 3 QBs in the SEC and AJRose will be one of the top 5 RBs in the SEC. The big problem for UK this year will be if Steve Clinkscale and Dean Hood can disguise the coverage enough to protect the secondary from getting torched in the first 6 or 7 games. If they can this team should easily win 8 games, maybe 9 or 10.

    1. Got a post you should like tomorrow afternoon

  3. Man, we don’t have to ask that old TV commercial question, “where’s the beef?”, when you put the eye test to Bohanna, Mcall, Taylor, Hoskins, Carter, Mahone, and Bless him, our MAN, Paschal. If you’re not in a high state of anticipation, and you’re a Big Blue football fan, then you have to be living in a damn well-wow! Please Lord, give this ole bony ass a couple more years to see some Glory Years-Amen!

  4. I am no prophet, but I believe in the talent on this team. UK is far better than they are being billed by the so called experts.

  5. I hope all of you are right. We should have a pretty good idea of what kind of team we are by the first of October.

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