UK staff sought advice from NFL coaches to help Terry Wilson’s passing

Terry Wilson. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Last season ball security and time of possession were priorities for the University of Kentucky offense because coach Mark Stoops knew he had a game-saving defense.

This season that defense is rebuilding the offense already knows it has to do more — one reason Kentucky co-offensive coordinator Darin Hinshaw said several times Monday at the Louisville Quarterback Club that quarterback Terry Wilson likely could go from averaging 20 pass attempts per game in 2018 to 35 to 40 this season.

Kentucky fans have already been skeptical that UK could throw that much or fear throwing that much would mean UK is playing from behind way too often in 2019.

However, Hinshaw, Stoops and Eddie Gran, assistant head coach of the offense, seem pretty intent on putting more passing into the offense. That’s why the three coaches “consulted with some NFL quarterback coaches” during the offseason according to Hinshaw.

“Just to get different opinions on how to make Terry a better passer. I learned a lot going through that process myself,” Hinshaw said.

“You can always learn as a coach. We have changed a lot of things he was doing with his steps, a lot of things with his shoulder, being on target more. He was over striding, so we shortened his stride. Very excited about where he is at now and where he is going.”

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