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Better fundamentals should make Terry Wilson even better

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Few quarterbacks have won 10 games at Kentucky — ever. For Terry Wilson to have done it his first year after arriving as a junior college quarterback says a lot about him even if he did have Kentucky’s all-time leading rusher Benny Snell and national defensive player of the year Josh Allen leading the way.

But with Snell, Allen and others gone to the NFL, Wilson is going to be counted on to do a lot more this year. Coach Mark Stoops is confident he’ll do just that, too.

“We got a lot of good things to build around.  Terry is a guy obviously that started every game, won 10 games for us last year,” Stoops said. “It starts with him fundamentally.  You hear me talk about that a lot, boring sometimes but true.  It’s a fundamental game.”

That’s why Wilson and the UK coaches watched every throw he made last season during the offseason. Stoops believes he’s learned from that.

“If you just look at fundamentals, yards we left on the field, he sees that.  But it’s hard.  Easier said than done.  That’s why everybody can be an armchair quarterback, right?” Stoops said.

Exactly right. We can all second guess a quarterback at any level. My guess it that a coach might do that a few times per season, too.

 “He’s got a lot coming at him.  He’s really worked hard.  Appreciate his effort,” Stoops said. “Coach Darin Hinshaw has worked hard with him.  Had a good, solid spring.  I think it starts there. 

“Obviously then it goes to the concepts, him understanding.  Second year in the offense.  That’s a big deal, where to go, the reads, how quick to get off the reads, go to the next one, so on.  Then the speed of the game, confidence for him to play and know that he won 10 games in the SEC, won the bowl game, has to give him a lot of confidence going into this year.  You build around that.”

Stoops believes an even more explosive Lynn Bowden will help Wilson even more than he did last year when he was UK’s leading receiver.

“We have to make sure we find ways to get him the football.  He’s a difference maker, changes the digits on the scoreboard.  He’s a playmaker and can make things happen,” Stoops said.  “We have to make sure we continue to get him the football.  Build around a physical offensive line, too.”


  1. Terry Wilson will be one of the best QBs in the league by the end of the season IMO. Has all the physical tools. Now it’s a matter of preparation, discipline and mental toughness

  2. I am looking for Wilson to have a big year.

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