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Does 14-14 halftime score with Toledo worry you?


Kentucky’s first half of the 2019 season was not exactly what UK fans were hoping for.

Kentucky and Toledo are tied 14-14 in a game the Cats have never led. Toledo went 63 yards in seven plays to start the game to take a 7-0 lead and midway of the first quarter had 104 total yards to 0 for Kentucky.

The Cats countered finally with a 13-play, 96-yard scoring drive but even that score came with tight end Justin Ring recovered Chris Rodriguez’s goal line fumble.

Did that intimidate Toledo? No.

The visitors got a 21-yard scoring run from quarterback Mitch Guadagni to go back on top 14-7 before Asim Rose’s 11-yard scoring run followed a 29-yard pass to Lynn Bowden and Rose’s 21-yard run to tie the game 14-14.

Toledo has 231 yards to 169 for Kentucky. Remember UK quarterback coach Darin Hinshaw talking about UK might throw 35 or more times per game? So far Terry Wilson is 5-for-7 for 56 yards.

Toledo is 5-for-8 on third down conversions to 1-for-5 for UK.

Guadagni is 7-for-11 passing for 122 yards and has ran 10 times for 56 yards.

Sophomore linebacker DeAndre Square has seven tackles, including six solo stops and one for loss, to for UK and defensive back Jordan Griffin has five tackles.


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  1. yes

  2. not as much now but still worried

  3. The game is 4 quarters, and all games have ebbs and flows for each team. Sometimes the ebbs occur early and the flows occur late, and other times just the opposite occurs. With a 38-17 lead, in possession, and time under 5 minutes in the 4th quarter, I was feeling pretty good about this game. The late fumble and allowed score tarnishes the final outcome slightly for me.

    I had hoped to see a win by 3 TDs or more, and believed a single digit win would not bode well. a 11-20 point win was in the wait and see zone.

    This game was much closer to the 3 TD win that I hoped to see than the single digit win I worried about.

    My enthusiasm for this seam is not waning based on what I saw today.

    1. I agree with you Prof. This was a nice win. Not perfect but respectable. I saw a lot of good stuff and some that needs improving. Can you imagine what’s happening in Rocky Top. 85000 to see a loss to Georgia State. Go Cats.

      1. Agree……imagine all of the loyal Vol fans are on suicide watch but remember….they still have UK on their schedule.

        1. They did beat UK last year, too

          1. Over the last 20 years, Tennessee football has experienced a generation long slide from a position of high SEC rank and bordering on national prominence to a consistent level that has been defined for years by Vanderbilt and Kentucky. I am not sure the majority of Vol fans can acknowledge the nature of their slide, but it is as real as Kentucky and Vanderbilt’s bottom dweller status in the SEC.

            This year, for the first time, the UK trend line will move above the Tennessee trend line, and I have no reason to believe that UK’s current rising trend or Tennessee’s 20 year slippage trend will change. Yes, Tennessee did beat UK last year.

            Isn’t it ironic that Tennessee fans have to point to a home win over Kentucky as one of the high moments of their entire dismal season, and Kentucky fans point to a road loss to Tennessee as the most dismal element of an historic football season.

            My how the times are a changin’

  4. It was a good win that probably should have been a great win. The game stat wise was much closer than score may have indicated. It was a great 2nd half following a ugly 1st half. We only ran 1 more play than they did. We had very poor qb contain and our D line got manhandled 1st half. OL did not play as well as advertised either. There was a lot of good wide receiver play and the 3 headed monster was outstanding . We were told that Rigg was even better than Conrad but as usual Gran wasn’t smart enough to work him into game plan. Gran’s play calling no better than a C. Stoops continues to underwhelm in preparing his team for first game of season.

    1. Using the perspective of what the other teams in the SEC East did (UT, SC, Vandy, Mizzou and even Florida) the UK win looks better all the time. After all, Toledo is picked to win the MAC which is a very competitive Group of 5 conference and as the professor said, if not for the last fumble the final margin would have been 21 which is very respectable. Overall a lot to like and a lot to clean up. Typical Mark Stoops opening day.

  5. Not bad for opening game jitters against a team many talking heads said would beat UK. I think a couple on this blog didn’t give UK much chance, wonder who? LOL. Toledo was a good team. The UK defense figured it out the second half, and UK got rolling. With 422 yards of total offense it was a pretty balanced attack, UK had more passing yards than rushing too, and Wilson and company looked dangerous. The UK RB’s are for real and Smoke led the way. Gran did use his TE’s today, and did a good job overall as game stats prove. Key penalties hurt UK at times, and the last Toledo score was a gift wrapped up by this officiating crew. All in all, I am very happy. UK is 1-0, so I’ll take it. I think UK showed they are a dangerous team. The young defense will need to improve, but overall, a good day.

  6. Better than 14-0.
    UK is young in a lot of areas and just needs game experience.
    Penalties and late turnover hurt and kept it closer than it should have been.
    Really thought Sawyer should have come in when UK had the big lead. Give TW a rest and keep him healthy. Sawyer needs to get acclimated to UK’s game plan with game experience.

    1. I agree 100 percent. Sawyer should have gotten that last drive. We may need him just look at what happened to their QB.

  7. It was a typical Mark Stoops opening day game…I think he pays too much attention to how Calipari coaches. We got the win and avoided being in the article with Mizzu, UT, and Gamecocks, but most will call this win a survival instead of a victory. With that being said, there was enough stellar play on the offense to show that we don’t have to manage that part of the game this year. OPEN IT UP AND LET THEM PLAY! That could be the recipe for protecting a defense that still has its work cut out for them. As for Savage getting any meaningful PT, Wilson will have to get hurt first…another tenet of Marks Stoops’ coaching philosophy. Wilson looked better, but Savage needs some reps at the end of a game that seemingly was in hand. Maybe Stoops knows more about this team than he communicates in front of a microphone.

    1. Hey hotshot, best I can remember, UK had a 3 TD lead until the officials gift wrapped a score for the Rockets late in the 4th. A game is four quarters, remember? Who is Savage hoss? That is a new one on me. But a typical response from you none the less. I would have bet money on you to say something negative, even after a pretty nice win. When one is always negative, as you are, they can never be wrong. You were negative before the game was even played though, nothing new from you. Was the game perfect? No. But tell me when any game is. Wilson needs playing time too, and maybe the transfer is not quite ready yet. Let the coaches run their team. A win is a win.

  8. Pup, I just enjoy jerking your chain and making you defend your title of Captain Rah Rah, but remember…I gave you that name and I can take it away from you just as easily. It’s too much fun to watch your knee jerk reactions to my posts. I can’t wait to see you fall to pieces when Calipari either leaves or gets booted in 3 years. Oh, I almost forgot…Rah Rah Rah!!!!

    1. Oh, so you really didn’t mean what you said about the Toledo win? I guess I took it the wrong way. I know you really didn’t give UK much of a chance going in. You bought in to the chatter from the national talking heads. Nice try Catman. You meant what you said. Listen, go buy a program, or better still, study the current UK football roster in order to learn our players names before you comment on this good blog. Oh and remember. “LIFETIME CONRTACT!” No. 9 is close.

    2. You nailed the Pupster again…I agree….it is fun to watch him meltdown. He continues to show his insecurity…still think he was abused on the playground when younger….Rah Rah!

      1. Hey Mike, you two mental midgets need each other against me. It’s a fair fight then. What was it you said on record here “Duped by Stoops.” You will never ever live that down. But go ahead and help out your little brother, he needs it, help him with the player’s names for starters.

  9. Mike, Pup is so far up Caliparis rear that he can see his tonsils. He is horrified by the reality that Cal is a One and Done (one national title) coach and will be packing his bags in 3 years. Come on back Billy Donovan!

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