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Don’t look for playing at Kentucky to overwhelm commit Cam’Ron Fletcher

Cam’Ron Fletcher


David Kvidahl of and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch believes the “allure of Kentucky” as a blue blood of college basketball led to the quick commitment by forward Cam’Ron Fletcher.

“There just aren’t a lot of kids that get the offer to join one of the nation’s most recognizable and successful athletic programs. That’s hard to turn down,” the writer said. “I’m not surprised he decided to make his verbal commitment.

“More and more student-athletes tell me they like verbally committing early to take the pressure off them and allow them to focus on their senior year of high school. After all, they are still just kids.”

Fletcher would seem to be another high character player that Calipari and his staff also like.

“I’ve never heard as much as a whisper about any shenanigans he may have been affiliated with. It would be hard for him to get away with much because he is so recognizable,” Kvidahl said.

“Playing for Vashon in the city of St. Louis is big deal. It’s the most recognizable high school program that resides in the city and among the most historically successful in Missouri. Cam has been in the limelight here since he made his decision to attend the V.

“He’s played with an outstanding group of teammates, two of whom were DI signees last year in Mario McKinney Jr. (Missouri) and Donyae McCaskill (Portland). Cam should be able to fit right in with what is the typically loaded Wildcat recruiting class and returning roster.

“I don’t believe it will overwhelm him but I’m sure there will be an adjustment to the DI level as there usually is for most high school athletes.”

Fletcher’s weakness is his outside jump shot. Kvidahl calls him a “killer finisher in the paint” with an inconsistent jump shot.

“It has to get better for him to become a more complete player. He can get streaky and bury some high school 3-pointers but it’s the least consistent part of his game. To make opponents respect him as an offensive player, he’ll have to knock down shots from mid-range and beyond,” Kvidahl said.

If you want to follow Fletcher’s progress during his senior year, Kvidahl can help because is dedicated to high school sports.

“You can find stories and photos on any number of local teams and athletes. We have a full statistical database for every sport we track that goes back to 1999,” he said. “Folks that want to keep up with Cam can do so on our website and also follow us on Twitter @STLhssports. I will cover a significant number of Vashon’s games this winter and you can find me on Twitter @DavidSTLhss.”

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