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Fans enjoying UK football success but would really like to see win over Vols this year

Kentucky’s defense has got gashed by Tennessee on big plays after missed tackles way too often in many games. (Wade Upchurch Photo)


With the start of the college football season just a few weeks away now, I got two really interesting notes from readers I wanted to share. The first one is from Art Jester of Danville, a Tennessee graduate.

“It would be great this year for UK to win in Lexington (against Tennessee). I think Jeremy Pruitt will get the Vols ‘there,’ but it’s going to take several years. It’s so hard to win in the SEC. That’s another reason UK’s 10-3 looked so good a year ago.

“I remember listening to Tom Leach call the game at Florida a year ago. When UK won in Gainesville — and the way they did it — I thought UK could be headed for great things — and they were. Coach Stoops has really turned around the Kentucky program. I have nothing but best wishes for UK football. They have earned all of the praise they have received. I just hope the Cats can keep it up this season. It will be good for UK, good for the SEC, and good for college football.

“They need to build a special lane on southbound I-75 for Coach Stoops to keep bringing all of that great Ohio talent down to Lexington. Why be a Buckeye (ugh!) when you can be a Wildcat!”

Why indeed? Just remember it was not that long ago that UK just conceded it could not recruit to players in Ohio and never really tried. Stoops certainly has changed that.

Linda Bailey lives in London, Tenn., but will be in Lexington Nov. 9 when Kentucky hosts Tennessee.

“Nothing would give me greater pleasure this season than to see the Cats beat the Vols. For some reason, Tennessee seems to have Kentucky’s number recently, both in football and basketball,” she said.

“I just got back from attending the UK Women’s Football Clinic that was very well attended.  I would guess there were close to 700 attendees.  It was held in the Woodford Reserve Club at Kroger Field, a place I would never have seen otherwise. Quite a step up from the clinic I went to back when (Rich) Brooks was coach … it was held in a rather unattractive training room on folding chairs!  

“The football program certainly has come a long way since those days and the clinic reflected that upward trajectory.  Mitch Barnhart deserves so much credit for his commitment to upgrading the football facilities and hanging in there with Stoops.”

Kentucky’s facilities were recently ranked among the nation’s top 15 thanks to Barnhart’s commitment to football and I still marvel at the way the women’s clinic has grown. Just a sign of the progress UK football has made with many fans in the lasts 15 years.


  1. Don’t want to wish my life away , but August 31 st slowly getting here. I’m ready for kick off for the season. Go Cats!

  2. I agree about beating Tennessee, and have been saying that forever. Anyone who has followed UK football over the years has. UK needs to start dominating Tennessee in football under Stoops, starting in 2019. It should have started in 2018, because UK had the horses but chocked. If they are not UK’s biggest rival in the SEC then who is? Florida and Tennessee have been UK’s nightmare on the gridiron. UK turned the tables on the Gators last year after 31 straight years of domination by that team. Geez, that is hard to say, or even admit. Do it again Cats, and beat the hell out of Tennessee too. I mean pour it on! UT sure has done it to many a UK football team, and pretty regularly. Start dominating those two teams and watch UK’s football status rise nationally. UK wants respect, then earn it! UK will never win the SEC East or a SEC championship until they can consistently beat those two teams. Throw UGA in there too. I hate UT with a passion. They deserve a good old fashion A$$ whooping. OK, got that off my chest. GO CATS!!!!

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