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Forward Cam’Ron Fletcher — who has “unlimited upside” — commits to Kentucky

Cam’Ron Fletcher


Last week when he joined me on the Leach Report, recruiting analyst Chris Fisher said he would not be surprised to see Cam’Ron Fletcher “pull the trigger” soon and verbally commit to Kentucky.

The Cats Pause/247Sports Network analyst knew what he was talking about, too, as the 6-6, 180-pound forward did exactly that Sunday when he verbally committed to coach John Calipari’s team.

He’s “only” a four-star prospect currently but is the No. 8 small forward nationally and some of his other top offers included Michigan State, North Carolina, Missouri and Alabama.

“He has an unlimited upside. He’s nowhere near the player he will be,” Fisher said on the radio show. “He is a typical Calipari type player. He’s really versatile. He can get the ball off the glass and bring it up the floor and make plays in transition. That’s the kind of thing Kentucky really likes.”

He’s not a top 10 player like recent commit Brandon Boston is but Fisher has a good perspective on that.

“I think he’s 36th overall in our 2020 rankings,” Fisher said. “(Tyler) Herro was around the spot in the 2018 class.”

Herro, of course, ended up a lottery pick after a superb freshman season.

Another 247Sports analyst, Brian Snow, says Fletcher’s natural ability is “through the roof” and that he’ll only get better as he continues to expand the range on his jump shot.

“It is the toughness, athleticism, and ability to attack with the dribble that makes Fletcher such a productive player. He doesn’t have the best feel for the game, but the physical tools and desire allow him to overcome that,” Snow posted.

Fletcher told recruiting analyst Evan Daniels Sunday that he wants to “win a national championship and get to the league (NBA)” and that he feels Calipari is the coach who can do both for him.


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  1. When it said and done this class will be the best since that 2011 – 2012 team that won it all. But this class will be deeper and Cal has jump a head of other coaches of catching the big fish for this class and it’s just begin in what lies ahead to come.

    1. Cays79 has it right IMO, and Calipari is the greatest college basketball recruiter on the planet. This is a good player, and a excellent addition to a potential national championship type team. UK basketball is a great ride, and it is starting to look like UK has some great days just ahead. No. 9 could be looming.

      1. Looming…..not in the immediate.

  2. Sure would be nice to lock up Ware quickly and then add Green down the road…starting to look like an awesome group.

    1. Green says he will announce Christmas day. Not sure if he was joking or not

  3. Where’s the beef??? Calipari has said without a dominant big man, (Pup, Nick and EJ aren’t that) you are a pretender and not a contender. Here again, he is over recruiting at the wing position but no bigs. No. 9 is still 5 years off and will be won by Coach Donovan.

    1. @Catman:
      You should be Baker Acted.

    2. You are on an island Catman, you and your buddy Mike. Where will you two hide when the Cats win it all. It is just a matter of time. We (us Rah Rah’s) have you two on record. As for Donovan, if your prediction came true, and he was hired by UK, in time you would be on his case just like you are on Calipari’s. Why? Because you two are smarter than any coach or player who ever laced up their sneakers.

      1. Pup……don’t you ever get tired of complaining and lashing out all the time? My guess is that you are a very lonely individual and the victim of bullying in earlier years.

        1. You talk the talk and might try walking it. You do whine and complain and employ reverse psychology a lot but not to your advantage. You are intolerant of opinions different from your own. In the words of Mr. Eastwood you still “make my day” with all the time you give me on your posting. You need to stop being so defensive and lighten up a little. Rah, Rah!

        2. Keep attacking UK players and coaches and you will get called out Mike. I am not the only one who disagrees with your posts on this site. Open your eyes. I just get to you the most, and I like that. Gives me a purpose. Again, I ask respectfully, tell us your athletic story Mike. As much as you run down players and coaches on this site, you were a star right. Tell us .

  4. This player is a nice player, currently ranked in the top 40 by 247Sports. However, a top 40 player by definition should have considerable upside, which in my view should translate to he could develop into a significant contributor as a Junior and Senior at UK. However, in this day and age, as we have witnessed all too often, “considerable upside” to these kids means one thing, and one thing only, getting to the NBA in 12 months or bust, and the bust translates into I must find a better place to get it done because after 1 season and NO NBA, he will transfer to another school and try to develop like he should have developed at UK. (Charles Matthews comes to mind).

  5. Pup….thanks for at least trying to cut some slack even though you couldn’t because you would be tripping over your ego. Cant’t wait to expose your intolerant opines during FB season.

    1. Well, let’s see, “WE” to me is Hornet1, Cats79, Ben27, Professor, Norman, King, Keith, PK, hfb, just to name a few, I agree with, and most everybody else, generally, who posts on this site. It is only the TROLLS like you and Catman I have to take exception with, nothing personal. Don’t be so sensitive. Some of us will be proven right or wrong, right? Really, do you think you can come on this site and trash UK coaches and players everyday and not take some grief from die hard UK fan. Most of us are Rah Rah’s remember? You two gave us that name. I like it. Oh and getting under your skin is extremely fun for me on this site, you are easy. It like you say “makes my day.” My family is fine too by the way, all big UK fans I might add. Anything else you want to whine about? Again, tell us mike. We are all ears.

  6. Typical Rah Rah jibber jabber about what we are going to do and no acknowledgment of what we have failed to do. Our record speaks for itself…1 national title in 15 years while other schools have won 2 and 3 titles in that same span. Kinda hard to be the gold standard when we can’t match titles, but the Rah Rah club ignores facts and crows about what we are and what we have done with nothing but blowhard rahrahing to back it up.

  7. Actually, the last two titles were 1998 and 2012, so it is 1 title over the last 20 seasons, not 15.

    1. Had the 2011/12 UK team returned for another season, he probably would have won another title too. His 38-1 team should have won one, Just saying The only way Donovan won back to back titles is his team came back for those two seasons.

      1. He was generally acknowledged to be a better coach than Cal.

        1. Yeah you are right about that, but by you and Catmandoo only. You two need each other to prop each other up.

  8. Professor, you and Mike are the only ones here that have a clue. John Calipari is a good man and he used to be a good college basketball coach. Now he has become the greatest illusionist of all time. He has found a way to make many in BBN content with UK being an also ran. All you have to do is listen to Pup, Cats 79, and Hornet 1 rah rah about how great it is to be a loser. Thank you Professor…1 national title in 20 years…Connecticut has won 3 in that span, Duke has won 3, North Carolina has won 3, Villanova has won 2. Pup and his rah rahs crow about us being the gold standard in college basketballs, but where are the national titles sans Adolph Rupp to prove it? Coach K and Coach Williams probably won’t live long enough to catch us in titles but in the past 20 years, they are getting closer to us than we are getting to UCLA in titles won. All Calipari has done is made UK into an NBA farm team that has only won it all once. Now they are crowing about 2019 and 2020. Both of these teams will be second weekend losers in the Big Dance because they don’t and won’t have a dominant big man. Calipari is no dummy, he said it himself…you can’t win a national title without a dominant big man. But give him credit, he has found a way to turn many in BBN from being astute basketball fans into just being a bunch of mouthy Rah Rahs. We have become the Emperor With No Clothes. The rest of the world sees us for what we are…Pup and his Rah Rahs crow about what they think we are.

  9. Well Pup…has the Catmandoo got your tongue?

    1. Not at all, what is your real name? I don’t believe you ever got within 50 miles of a UK uniform. All you can do is talk trash against the school you say you played for. Calipari has put UK basketball on the map in the OAD era. Anyone with a brain can see that. Like it or lump it hoss. Lifetime Contract, I like it.

  10. Calipari laid the blueprint that has destroyed the student athlete college basketball game. You never address the point, you just attack me and Mike because we aren’t fake Wildcat fans. Is the Professor the next on your list? OAD will be done in 3 years and so will Calipari. Maybe when Coach Donovan arrives, he will help bring integrity back to college basketball…something you care nothing about. I will personally pay your move to Lousyville so you can be their Rah Rah captain after we boot your butt out of BBN for being the cancer that you are.

  11. Well let’s see, UK has several on the current team that have come back for another year or two, student athletes I would call them. Times have changed Catman, get over it. Calipari has taken advantage of the OAD which has brought more talent UK’s way than any UK basketball coach in it’s storied history, including Rupp. He has also made a few millionaires along the way. There are more Calipari players in the NBA than any coach in the nation. I say good for them all. His won/lost record is impressive, and his next team up is loaded. I don’t particularly like OAD, and have said so, but until it’s changed, make the best of it is what I have learned to do. How about supporting the team and their coach Catman. When you attack their coach you attack the players under him.

  12. I NEVER TALK TRASH AGAINST THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY! I post many negative comments about OAD, Calipari as a coach, the image that Calipari has painted on UK, and all of you Rah Rahs. I have always said good things about Calipari as a person, the lost tradition of student athlete college basketball player, and the University of Kentucky as an institution. Coach Hall had his faults as we all do, but he never disrespected the game or UK. Calipari has whored the game out with OAD. He ought to wear a fur coat on the sidelines like a true pimp. Blowhards like Pup, Cats 79, and Hornet 1 ought to put on miniskirts and 8 inch heels and parade around like the know nothing Rah Rahs that they are. Thank God we will run all of them out of town with Calipari when OAD is finished in 3 more years.

  13. Let’s see, you say you never trash talk against UK, really? Read your own words hoss. Who is the head basketball coach at UK? John Calipari. Who hired him? Mitch Barnhart the AD. Who supports him, The President of the University and the Board of Trustees. I rest my case. Take a pill and chill out Catman, you are rambling to much, and incoherent. I wouldn’t give my real name either if I were you.

    1. Oh by the way, I didn’t know Coach hall had any faults, at least from a basketball program standpoint, and in his day and era. He had a tough row to hoe for sure following the legend. He is a UK Icon. I can’t believe you would say something like that. What were his faults?

  14. Pup, there is no point debating a fool like you. You are too stupid to know that you are stupid. You are a joke when it comes to college basketball and the University of KY. 3 years from now everyone will know this to be true. I welcome that day when college basketball returns to those who are student athletes. Billy Donovan will be our coach and we won’t need Rah Rahs like you…wins and national titles will say all that needs to be said. It has been quite amusing to hear you blowhard about the national titles that you think Calipari will win, versus talking about the titles he has won. Oh wait, he has not won multiple titles, he only has ONE. How appropriate that the pimp who whored out college basketball ends up being OAD in winning national titles. Billy Donovan not only has multiple titles, but his are back to back from Florida…a football school. When he arrives here at UK, he will take us past UCLA while leaving upstarts North Carolina and Duke in the wake. As for Rah Rahs like you, there is a school 70 miles to the West that will be glad for you to their Rah Rah.

    1. You stoop to name calling Catman? That’s what the weak do when they are losing the debate. Again, tell us all here on VV’s what Hall’s faults were. You said it, not me. Do you like any coach? Let’s see, you are not big on Stoops and Gran on the football side, and you think Calipari has suddenly lost his luster. Also, according to Catmandoo, Billy Donovan is waiting in the wings in three years, I doubt it, but if it happens so be it. Until then, Cal is the coach, and 2019-20 season is looking very promising. I hope they win it all. If they do, you’ll find something to complain about.

  15. Cal does deserve a lot of credit for many recruiting accomplishments and has been a tireless worker and ambassador for UK BB, but he is not a great coach and never will be for the talent he brings thru the door. I personally am OND fatigued and honestly believe Cal’s best is behind him as he continues to slip on national stage with quality BIGS. I am not sure who our next coach will be but am looking forward to the day, and I still believe that Cal will not get #9 while he is here.

    1. The TROLL speaks again.

  16. Yawn…

  17. Catmandoo, if Cal has disrespected the game of college ball I don’t think he be coaching today Geeze. Yea I have been critical of him at times it’s just the nature of it . when it comes to coaching and the players it’s easy saying then done in what we say could have been done.

  18. 2022 will come soon enough and then the truth will be plain for everyone to see.

    1. You are right, 2022 will come. Calipari will be continuing to take UK to greatness, and Billy Donovan will be coaching in the NBA as an assistant.

      1. Cal’s days of greatness are in the past…..he is slipping too much…where is the beef?

        1. Yeah, you two think so that’s for sure. We”ll see. Again, tell us Mike.

  19. Let’s enjoy at the present and worry 2022 when the time comes. Life is too short to looked ahead

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